Wednesday, May 22, 2024 May 22, 2024
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SideDish Supper Club is Tonight


I look forward to seeing all of you attending tonight’s SideDish Supper Club at Sevy’s Grill. The dinner– Mythbusters Seafood Dinner: You Be The Judge—is sold out. We’re taking over the whole restaurant! But Sevy’s is still taking backup reservations. If they get a few more, they will offer the spectacular taste-off menu again on Thursday night. Check out the details here.

Our two seafood experts, Willy Warner and Robert Chandler, are in town for the event. During the meal we will conduct an extensive Q & A session. If you already have questions, drop me a quick e-mail so that we can incorporate the subject(s) into our program. For that matter, anybody with a question for our panel is welcome to send questions (or leave them below) and we’ll have the answers for you tomorrow.

We’ll also have a full wrap-up and photo gallery on SideDish tomorrow.