Matthew Antonovich Plans His “Back With a Little Bangkok” Comeback

Michael Hiller has an update on chef Matthew “Sipango” Antonovich’s new venture, Tie Restaurant and Social Club. Short story: Matt is going to open a 12,000-square-foot space in a “perfect location” that “can support a 5 million dollar restaurant with local support that can be busy 7 nights a week.” The overall concept is a bit confusing. Part of the complex will be “the first Thai Steakhouse in America.” According to Antonovich’s Twitter page, “TIE Restaurant will have live entertainment, Indian Dinner Seating, Vietnamese and Hong Kong Street Food Menu under 15 dollars.”  The rambling post on goes on to say, “God bless the recession I have found great deals on equipment, designers and food service experts hungry to put Dallas back on the map of best restaurants in America.”

I know one thing—this guy can cook. I am curious to know where he found $5 million dollars in this economy. Want to know more about Mr. Antonovich? He’s not shy.

Two questions. Are there Thai Steakhouses in Thailand? Was Dallas ever on the map of best restaurants in America? Just curious.

UPDATE: Whoopsie. Doodle. Doodle. Folks, please stay in your seats with your seat belts fastened until the caption has turned off the seat belt sign.



  • Free Advice

    This is the dumbest idea since Bella Boyz.

  • Billusa99

    Well, since he states on LinkedIn that “My Mission, is to change the “Social Dining Fabric” of America.” And his interests on FaceBook include Mafia movies, I have no doubt he will succeed… in blowing hot air and other people’s money.

    As to “God bless the recession I have found great deals on equipment, designers and food service experts hungry to put Dallas back on the map of best restaurants in America.” Where, pray-tell, is this restaurant called “Dallas” located, anyway. Or is it just another reflection of his ability to spout crap.

  • b

    I don’t know who’s dumber Matt or the guy that would back him on this very strange odyssey.
    I really don’t think Matt will get any credible purveyors to give dumb and dumber any credit. I have spoke with many suppliers that got stuck from his last mid night move out.
    God Bless Matt, remember the Ferrari he drove around…………

  • Ocks E. Mooran

    If you’re getting a “great deals on…food service experts,” doesn’t it mean those food service experts are currently short of work? If so, is that really the caliber of expertise you want?

  • One Of Your Piers [sic]

    I’m sure George W. Bush, Jr. [sic] is just waiting for Matt to open this place. Maybe he’ll bring his sisters, Jenna and Barbara.

  • cc

    My husband spends many months a year in Thailand. Thai people don’t eat steak.

  • Admiral Marty

    Your comments are like spoiled children, Chef Antonovich is a very talented Chef,graduated at the top of his class Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island. He has 1.3 million not 5, to finish out an 11,000 sqft. location. Make sure your next comment, leave you real name, and see if you get a table at the hottest place in Dallas, since Sipango in the 90’s

  • real advise

    Bella Boyz are from New Jersey, Chef Mathew is from the Bronx, you Pudtz. Apples to Oranges,thats the dumbest comment. We know where your taste buds are.

  • Z

    cc Your right, they don’t have cattle in Southeast Asia, like we do here. And if you hubby goes to Thailand for months at a time, he isn’t eating steak.

  • I am happy to say I am continuing with final lease negotiations with a fantastic landlord and developer of Dallas’s most exciting neighborhood. I have plans to open my 12,000 square foot restaurant that will house a first of its kind “Prime” Thai Steak House, Live Entertainment “Sipango Style”, a casual dining room with under $15 small plate courses, A Sushi Bar, Asian Noodle Bar, Indian Dine up Counter, location to be disclosed soon. Hint 6 minutes from Highlands Ranch. I am so happy that people are interested. My partners love the free press so any comments are welcome, especially from the peanut gallery.

  • Linda V

    Matt I am so proud of you! Too bad you are so far away from CA! Good luck to you my friend