Samar by Stephan Pyles Releases Voyeuristic Bar Seating for SideDish Supper Club

Freak out at the SideDish Supper Club on Sunday.
Freak out at the SideDish Supper Club on Sunday.

Yesterday the D marketing department met with the Samar peeps to configure the communal seating layout for Sunday’s SideDish Supper Club. In case you’ve yet to dine at Stephan Pyles’ newest spot, I’ll tell you that the best seats in the house are the stools that sit in front of the open kitchen. Originally we weren’t going to set those places for the Supper Club, but yesterday, after reviewing the floor plan and the entertainment schedule that includes two belly dancing demonstrations, we decided to include these fabulous seats. You can’t reserve them because it is first-come-first-choice seating, but you can call now and make a reservation and get there a little before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday and have a great chance of sitting there. Hurry, feed your head and be a hookah-smoking caterpillar–give them a call: 214-922-9922. Details here. (I miss Grace Slick.)


  • Agreed on the bar seating. My first (and only… but soon to repeated) experience at Samar was in these seats, and I so enjoyed watching the chefs work and asking them what they were making when we couldn’t figure it out. The seats completely influenced our order choices – I almost hate to sit at a normal table from now on.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Looking forward to Sunday’s Side Dish romp. It’s my Chrsitmas present to myself.

  • borntorhone

    Rawlins finally convinced me today to go ahead and consider it not a one person splurge, but Christmas coming early!

    I have only been a couple of times and eaten in the bar but am looking forward to trying several items I had not gotten to yet including the vasos.