The City of Dallas (Almost) Eats More Salad Than Any Other City in America

Warning: eating salad in Dallas dining could cause a revolution in local dining.
Warning: eating salad in Dallas “could” cause a local dining revolution. Could.

Dole Fresh Vegetables, a subsidiary of Dole Food Company, the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables, has released an astonishingly vague press release that claims: “Dole Research Ranks Dallas Among the Top U.S. Markets in Per-capita Salad Consumption, Growth Potential and/or In-kitchen Salad Experimentation and Creativity.” WTF does this mean?

“This means that local residents eat more salad per person than their counterparts in other U.S. cities, have the potential to eat more salad and/or are more likely to try new salad blends, experiment.”

And how they reached their conclusion?

“The exhaustive, 18-month research effort, part of the company’s relaunch of its reinvented DOLE Salads line, surveyed the in-store buying habits and in-home consumption trends of prepackaged salad consumers throughout the United States and Canada.”

Hmm Russell Evans, senior brand manager for Dole Fresh Vegetables, I bet you say that to all of the cities on your list.

“Despite the fact that it is the home of barbecue, Dallas is among the most sophisticated salad markets in the country and home to an increasing number of salad lovers,” said Evans. “Our research found that salad consumers here are much more likely to use salad as a meal or as the basis for creative new lunch and dinner entrees.  From a salad standpoint, Dallas is a trendsetter.”

If you are a lettuce-loving trendsetter or just a plain old salad eater, take cover. You can expect “a comprehensive multimedia campaign featuring a new Dole Salad Guide spokesperson.  Dole will be specifically targeting salad consumers in Dallas.”

Since we are on the subject of salad, I have been searching for a good chopped salad.


  • Katie

    Hm… interesting. I wonder how many other cities are “trendsetters” from a salad standpoint. Don’t people in ALL cities “use salad as a meal??”

    Anyhoo: Palomino’s Chop Chop salad is my favorite.

    And Dole used to have a really yummy bagged Asian salad that I lived on during college. Wonder if it’s still around.

  • sezc

    I second Palomino’s

  • The Chop Salad at Sevy’s is a good one!

  • luniz

    buying a salad at a restaurant is weird. that’s what market street is for.

  • aria

    I like Maggiano’s Chopped Salad.

  • Jill Housewright

    I really like the Village Cobb Salad. I know this does not sound like a chop salad, but it is. It has all of the ingredients of a cobb but is treated like a chop salad in presentation. Their house vinaigrette is what really makes it rock.

  • Jill Housewright

    Sorry – forgot to mention – it is at Village Burger Bar in West Village.

  • MDF

    I really like the chop salad with white tuna at Grand Luxe Cafe. I think that most of their food holds strong at “mediocre”, that salad has always been good.

  • Wally Phley

    In the early days of Craft Dallas, I overheard a discussion between Tom Colicchio and Kevin Maxey in which they both complained about how narrow minded Dallas diners were – how people here struggled with the ala carte menu format and family style service, and just wanted a “meal on a plate.” Colicchio said hell would freeze over before he let his restaurant serve entree salads of the sort customers kept requesting. As the initial hotness wore off and the dining room started to look as empty as the rest of Victory Park, they eventually started serving entree salads at lunch. Way to set a trend, Dallas!

  • allison

    This reminds me how much I love Al’s salad. I have them chop up the avocados so that counts as a chopped salad in my book. That and a cup of soup and I’m golden. Yum, yum!

  • Brad

    Salad is the Texas purge. You see, more chic destinations find their skinny chicks actually abstaining from eating or, even worse, actually purging. Here, however, we down a plate of cheap enchiladas one day and compensate with a salad the next. The binge and purge. Now, the fact that the salad has crumbled bacon and blue cheese isn’t generally too concerning….

  • Worzel Gummidge

    We don’t eat more salad, we just own more rabbits.

  • HB

    Snappy Salads is by far the best salad around.add their soup and it’s even better.