Tart Pastry Boutique in Dallas Turns Five and Makes Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Tart Bakery is making whoopies!
Tart Bakery is making whoopies!

Lookout cupcakes, here comes the whoopie pie craze. Are you familiar with Tart Bakery? You know,  the little shop pastry chef Kristen Massad opened in 2004 where the storefront looks like a spray painted rah-rah sign for an upcoming football game? We never thought the place would make it, but make it they did—Massad’s little shop that turns out cakes, pies, and petit fours is turning five. (Thanksgiving tip: order one of their turkey wreaths (croissant rings stuffed with turkey) for your office party.) Or a couple dozen pumpkin-spice whoopie pies! Maple & Motors Burgers and Beer also makes a chocolate version of the whoopie pie called the chocolate gob. One more sighting and whoopies will become an official trend. 5219 W. Lovers Lane at Inwood Rd. 469- 335-8919.


  • MDF

    Corner Bakery has been doing Whoopie Pies for a while now. The one I went to last week was advertising a Pumpkin whoopie pie, but they were out at the time.

  • cheezeburger cheezeburger

    Was at Maple & Motor last night. That guy is banking on your review. Heard about it coming about half a dozen times. It better be good or else he’s in trouble. He’s hoping he will get enough business from your review/publicity to open for breakfast. My burger and sides were very good, I will give him that. Saw the whoopie pies at the counter but didn’t partake. Had a homemade treat at home for my mom’s birthday. Maybe I will try a whoopie pie next time I’m in.

  • A. B.

    My friend, Emily, makes great whoopie pies–snickerdoodle with some kind of magically delicious filling. Yum!

  • I’d like to correct the previous post. if we are well reviewed in print, that should push our evening business which has lagged behind our already stellar lunch crowd. If it does not, I would consider opening for breakfast and lunch rather than lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday. I would never do all three.

    cheezeburger – come on by and I’ll explain it a seventh time.

  • Scott

    Maple & Motor is a stellar place for burgers & those crispy fries. I hope there is more traffic in the evenings to join those of us who have discovered this gem of a joint.

  • TM

    There were tables stacked with whoopie pies at Central Market a couple months ago.

  • The Ineffable Bob

    There was a dessert special at Tillman’s Roadhouse a few weeks back with pumpkin whoopie pies paired with spiced apple cider. Have they changed pastry chefs? Their great desserts have just gotten fantastic!

  • DallasChef

    I was at Tillman’s Roadhouse a couple of weeks ago and their new Pastry Chef Kim had it as her dessert special. Pumpkin to be exact and it was DELICOUS!! I Love some whoopie pies!!!

  • DGirl

    I love Tart Bakery. Kristin Massad is a bright, young independent business owner and I wish her much success. Her bakery items are delish – haven’t tried the Whoopie Pies though. Hi Marc!!

  • I met Kristen today. What a beautiful bakery with a fine operator. Our Gobs/Whoopie pies are very different though. Try them both. Double your pleasure.

  • allison

    Funny, I was at Maple & Motor Monday, too. I heard mumblings about breakfast but couldn’t hear the whole conversation. Brunch on Sunday would be great- just a thought. Saw the whoopie pies but I was surprised they weren’t moon pies considering there’s RC Cola available. (yay for liquid batter onion rings- hate the floured ones!)

    As for whoopie pies, maybe I’ve never had one?? I don’t really recall. I consider myself pretty well-versed in the dessert/baking department so forgive what I’m about to ask… Are they like the Little Debbie cream sandwich things or the Oreo cakesters? I guess my mom & grandmas never made these for me growing up. I feel like I may have missed out on something huge. And what makes it a gob? Different name/same thing or a slightly different version?

    I guess I’ve been eating too many cupcakes.

  • Ange C.

    Tart’s pumpkin whoopie pies are TO.DIE.FOR. Just go try it and thank me later. It’s unreal good!

  • The whoopie looks delicious. I want to try this one made from pumpkin and I want to learn this ingredients. I like that creamy filling that’s inside that whoopie.

  • Traci

    A little late, but just saw the post. Creme de la Cookie in Snider Plaza makes great whoopie pies with a marshmallow buttercream. My son declares them to be the best he’s ever eaten. Our Friday stop after school. To die for!