Mini-Review: Maple & Motor Burgers and Beer in Dallas

Fried baloney sandwich.
Fried baloney sandwich.

Move over Wingfield’s, there is a new contender for Best Burger in Dallas. Maple & Motor Burgers and Beer is open for business and they make a great burger. I just popped in to the new joint on Maple across from Elliot’s Hardware and bought a fried baloney sandwich and a cheeseburger. I had to give the baloney sandwich to a co-worker because, after one bite, I was afraid I would eat the whole thing. The sandwich consists of a thick slice of star-cut baloney fried on the griddle and nestled between layers of mayonnaise, tomatoes, and lettuce, which is called  Cincinnati-style. You can also order it Cowboy style—cup-fried and filled with chili, cheese, and chopped onion. Could be the best new hangover cure.

I didn’t just stumble into this place. Last week I received an e-mail from owner Jack Perkins who alerted me to the opening along with a note saying that the “four families of Mexican Food” on Maple Avenue–Ojeda’s, Avila’s, Rosita’s, Herrera’s—have taken Jack under their wing and treated his crew like family.

A great new cheeseburger in town.
A great new cheeseburger in town.

But back to the burger. It’s a half a pound of freshly ground grilled beef on a perfectly toasted bun–crisp not soggy–and covered with a thick slice of melted cheese. The fries were crisp and passed the “no bend” test. And it’s cheap: the cheeseburger and baloney sandwich are both only $4.50 each and fries are $1.75. Jack was there along with his lovely self-described “wing woman” and they could not have been nicer. I overheard Jack talking to his cooks. He was instructing them on how to cook the burgers. “Make it perfect before you make it fast,” he said. “I don’t want any food critics coming in here and complaining that it isn’t perfect.”


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  • Margaret

    We have been once a week since it opened and it is just a joy! The burgers are great and the tots and fries are wonderful too. I found the onion rings to be just fine, but I will go back to ordering the tots. The table next to us had the cheese tator tots with bacon and japs and it looked wicked good. Talk about a hangover cure!!

    Jack is great and will help make your order perfect. He had them throw some fresh jalepenos on the grill for my honey’s burger. So good and fresh and hot. (They came from one of the guy’s garden)

    The main reason we first tried it out, I admit, was the lure of a free beer until they get their liquor license. But the food brought us back.

    I like also that it is a nice mix of people in there. Check it out.

  • Margaret

    OH! Awesome BLT too! (but the brisket sandwich was not my favorite.)

  • Delish. Great juke box. Great atmosphere. I will gain 10 lbs. this year if I go as often as I’d like.

  • mark

    That’s the cutest bologna sandwich I’ve ever seen.

  • lisa

    Great BLT and Fries… I see an episode of Diners,Drive In’s and Dives in their future! YUMMY!

  • Mrs. Tesar

    I could lick that cheese off my monitor. Yes, Lisa perfect for DDD!

  • kathie

    Can’t wait to try.

  • Twinwillow

    Just happened to notice it today and did a double take when I saw it. Whoa, I said to myself. What’s that all about? Now I know.
    Can’t wait to try it.

  • Their food looks and sounds delicious. If you eat there and enjoy it, please be sure to review them over at . Dallas is huge and reviewing them will help them be more visable on our network. Thank you:-)

  • I’ve never had a fried baloney sandwich. Can’t say I’ve ever wanted one, either… Until now.

  • Jeff Barker

    I had the fried baloney sandwich and tots and they both were awesome!!! I have known Jack Perkins for many years…we use to eat lunch 3 or 4 times a week together. I am happy he is doing so well. Great little restaurant and a great owner.

  • rob
  • AD

    I went last night and it was great! Had a cheese burger with jalapenos and chili cheese fries. Awersome! The people are very nice and the atmosphere reminds me of Austin. I will definitely be going back!

  • Thank you all from the family at Maple & Motor. This is slightly overwhelming for us. If you like us now, just wait, we’re getting better.

    The highest praise of all may be that from JB. If you know this business in Dallas, you’ll recognize him as restaurant royalty. Go by Chamberlain’s if you don’t believe me. Thanks old friend.

    Those of you who have enjoyed the free beer, you can start giving me some of my money back today. We are licensed!

  • Margaret

    Wahoo!! Yippee!! Happy Hour at Maple and Motor for the work crowd soon. 2 dollar drafts? You had me at beer.

    Went again last night and the burger was the best yet. I think it was my addtion of the grilled red onions.

    Nice to see MOE working there (you guys will meet her working the registar), she is fun.

  • Bob McLendon

    congrats Jack on the license.
    my next treat will be the brisket, can’t wait. you guys are the best.

  • sausage on a stick

    Reading this at 12:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning was not a good idea! I will be dreaming of $2 draft beer and a great burger all night!! What time does it open? I can see a trip to Elliots followed by some good food in my Saturday morning plans.
    By the sounds of things, I’m going to enjoy the company as well, which adds some icing on the cake.

  • HPfan

    Such a fun place. We tried the Fried Bologna sandwich, burger, grilled chicken and the cheese fries. LOVED the fried bologna burger and cheese fries. Grilled chicken was bland- would do something else next time. However, we all loved the diner/casual atmoshere…. in fact my teenager wants to bring all her friends (which is the HIGHEST compliment!!) Just wish Mr Perkins was still teaching Freshman LA at HPHS!