Copper River Salmon: Hype or Haute

The first of this year’s Copper River salmon catch is about to hit Dallas. Our friend Jon Alexis at TJ’s says, “It’s the best salmon on the planet. Richest flavor, most perfect texture and highest concentration of healthy Omega-3 oils…rarely is something so tasty AND so healthy!”

I love all wild salmon from Alaska, but the fish from Copper River has the overpowering flavor of marketing. Maybe we’ll do a blind tasting sometime during the short 3 to 4 week season. TJ’s expects their shipment “by this weekend or early next week.”


  • DGirl

    I agree about the CR hype . . . would love see the blind tasting video.

  • luniz

    blind tasting is a good idea. Tried it with butter and olive oil and the results weren’t so surprising…less marketing there though, compared to salmon. CR salmon is pretty good but I’m not convinced it’s the best.

  • Don in Austin

    Concentration of oils would be easy enough to prove with lab analysis. Hey, as long as its wild salmon, I’m good with it. I agree about the marketing hype but I sure do enjoy Hatch chiles and Pecos cantaloupes.

  • David

    Go to McCormick and Schmick’s when they have it in season and try their cedar plank version and you will taste the best salmon available.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    But cook it sous vide…

  • Sarah Slomovic

    Rockfish plan to have Copper River Salmon in this weekend too! Yummy!