Secret Supper: A Special Report

One gracious Disher who attended Saturday night’s Food Creates Community dinner files this report:

The “underground” dinner last night was absolutely incredible.  The food was delicious, but it was the mix of interesting people, great conversations, and the beautiful setting that made the evening beyond memorable.  Chef Jordan Swim was warm and gracious, and it was refreshing to hear him discuss the commitment to creating “community through food”.

You can read the menu below. Here is a link to pictures of the event. I hear through the grapevine that many of the attendees were SideDish readers. We’d all love to hear more. And we welcome you here!

Food Creates Community
An alfresco evening of Texas and Italian ingredients – February 7th, 2009

Polenta, featuring Rudolph’s Italian Sausage and 405 sage
Blood Orange Martini, featuring Titos TX Vodka and Asti Spumante

“House Salad”
Grilled Radicchio, featuring TC Valley grapefruit, hazelnuts, Rehoboth Ranch Bacon, reduced balsamic, and North Dallas Honey
La Serra 2007 Moscato d’Asti

Classic Margarita, featuring Mozzarella Co. Mossarella, TX Basil, San Marzanno Tomatoes
Arancio 2006 Nero D’Avola

Traditional Risotto, featuring Texmati Arborio, Braised Red Oak, TX Spinach, Pine Nut Crusted Wild Atlantic Cod, Golden Raisin Reduction
Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio

“Spaghetti and Meat Sauce”
Served family style, featuring 405 Pappardelle, Rehoboth Ranch Bolognese, TX Portabella, Mozzarella Co. Montasio
Poggio al Tufto 2006 Toscana

“Ice Cream and Cookies”
Featuring Paula’s Texas Linoncello, Jon’s Gelato, anise cookie dipped in dark chocolate
White Rock Espresso and Good Earth Decaf Tea


  • Internal Revenue Service

    Chef Jordan who? Did you say Swam? Oh Swim, sorry, and is that spelled S W I M?

    And he was paid how?

    Ok, thanks mam, we’ll get right on that.

  • Casey McCollum

    My wife and I attended and it was EXCELLENT. Jordan is very gifted and if anyone has the chance to attend the next one (probably in April) you should.

    Check out his blog in the links above.

  • Lauren

    Jordan is a great chef! Anyone would be pleased with the food and service he provides!

  • Me!

    The dinner looks fine and all, but what about Jessica Lowe?

  • jessica

    @ Me! She’s okay, I guess… who’s asking?

  • Dallas County Health

    Thanks, Jordan, for the blogspot link you have. Be seeing you soon.

  • luniz

    just curious, what does the “405” refer to? Oklahoma?

  • Jordan’s last name really should be redacted, although it may be too late now.

  • Intrepid newsie

    My Dear Miss-I,
    Jordan has his own blog. He can’t redact what he proclaims loudly. He poured the steroids out of the bottle in public, not SD.

  • Internal Revenue Service

    Yes you’re right missinformation, it did cause us some initial identification problems when Sarah made the statement, “I feel I should not give out Jordan’s last name”.

    Fortunately we had NN doing her best impersonation of a big mouth bass — and she completely blew the lid off of “Operation Secret Supper” and we (as well as the Dallas Health Dept.) are now actively pursuing and getting to the bottom of this clearly illegal activity.

    Word of advice to chef Swim: you’re up a creek sir and don’t attempt to leave town.

  • J.R.

    I.R.S., did you mean “its sink or swim time Jason”?

  • J.R.

    sorry “Jordan”

  • “Fortunately we had NN doing her best impersonation of a big mouth bass — and she completely blew the lid off of “Operation Secret Supper” Excuse me, IRS. They sent out a press release, sent a recap of the dinner, and photos. I just printed it.

  • Jessica

    Everyone needs to simmer down and get their panties out of a jumble.

    How many of you alerted the Gaming Commission when you played Squares at a Super Bowl party. uhhh hu. Thought so.

  • Internal Revenue Service

    The department still feels you deserve a pin at our annual appreciation banquet Ms. Nichols.

    And its understandable and quite natural if you feel used as a pawn by this so-called secret society. Many of our operatives have felt this very same thing after such a delivery of dangerous covert info.

    Be that as it may, you did good work Nancy Drew Nichols and the IRS thanks you.

  • Buzz killer.

  • T Grn (not TG)

    Hey Nancy – don’t fret over those pezz heads over at the IRS – they’re ultimately small potatoes with even smaller bratwursts.

    Hey I just found out that vomit pig Chipotle is moving into my old fave Sushi hangout in my freak’in neighborhood no less. And now I’m headed over to Traverna to get hammered on Pinot Grigio if you’re interested in keeping your buzz alive and having a pleasant girl’s afternoon out. You’re invited.

  • Me!

    I was just reading about the interesting dinner and I was a little smitten by your photos.

  • jessica

    just a little smitten? jeez, what does a gal need to do to get at least a 7 out of 10 around here. tough crowd.

  • Me!

    Ok, I was full blown smitten.

  • secret chef

    To all, as long as it was just a dinner party, and the money given was a donation, the irs and the health dept have no business. In other words, it is legal. Keep up the good work guys. Viva la Revolution!