Name Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we’re wondering, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? My mother is partial to cranberry dressing, and I’m pretty sure my dad’s favorite is turkey (white meat only). Lots of people like mashed potatoes. What’s yours? Jump for my favorite.

Stuffing is my favorite dish. At home, we don’t make anything fancy. Just StoveTop. It used to drive me crazy but now I’ve just resigned myself to it and decided to enjoy it. My mom does add cornbread to the recipe though, so I guess it’s semi-homemade (ACK!! Unintentional Sandra Lee reference! Make it stop!)


  • mikeNfrisco

    I think the Turkey and everything else is somewhat overrated. If it wasn’t, we’d eat it several times a year. That’s why, for me, it’s all about the bread. Give me a good moist cornbread with real pieces of corn and a few jalapenos mixed about or a hot dinner roll.

  • DGirl

    Dinner rolls that have, because of an overpiled plate, touched the stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce so the sage, turkey flavor and tartness permeate the edges of the roll. Heaven.

  • Margaret

    Cranberry Relish with nuts… yummy.

    Why don’t I make it more often? It is easy.

    Plus, my memories from growing up always had “apple salad” at the table… for you fancy people, “Waldorf Salad.”

  • Nate

    It’s gotta be my mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with roasted garlic, fresh herbs and fresh gravy made with a lot of applewood smoked bacon as the base. No, not quite traditional, but I can make that my meal.

    Of course, I save the bacon bits to add crunch with my serving.

  • Laurel

    Mashed potatoes are what I pile my plate with, although they’re not specific to Thanksgiving with my family. Pecan pie is the Thanksgiving-specific food I crave year-round . . .

  • Fresh cranberry sauce. O M G!!!

  • OneArtDirector

    Sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and pecans on top. YUM!

  • Brad

    When I was young – Rolls and Pie
    When I was a teenager – Rolls, Stuffing, and Pie
    As an Adult – Rolls, Stuffing, Potatoes, and Pie

  • Brad

    I have to agree with MikeNfrisco about the overratedness of Turkey and other traditional Thanksgiving foods. We didn’t feel like doing the whole thing last year, so we made a giant Tex-Mex feast instead. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

  • Drew

    My granny’s homemade cloverleaf yeasty dinner rolls after the butter melts inside.

    And I avoid at all costs anything that resembles, is made with, or has touched the giblits!

  • Last year started making green bean casserole using a Cook’s Illustrated recipe. Hericot verts. No cans involved, except (of course), those funky onion ring thingies. This recipe was so good last year that it’s become what I’m looking forward to most this year. We usually skip the turkey, too. But, a friend is cooking one on his grill. That should make it a little different.

  • DGirl

    ooooh, Margie. That sounds goooood.

  • Wes Mantooth


  • Nigel Tufnel

    Creamed onions. And in close second, homemade stuffing. Just not the oyster kind my dad makes.

  • Lindsay

    Sweet Potato Crunch. Tastes more like a dessert than potatoes. MMM…

  • Nigel, we make creamed onions, too! Other than that, I’d have to ask if Zinfandel counts…?

  • Dallasite

    When I was a teenager my mom asked me what I wanted for Thanksgiving dinner. I told her enchiladas. To this day, it is the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had.

    Turkey sucks.

  • texaskatey

    Not a turkey fan, but my aunt’s cornbread dressing is the reason I will roll out of bed tomorrow and drive to Waco.

  • Mike Ramsey

    OneArt —

    Add some crumbled smoked bacon to that sweet potato with brown sugar and toasted pecan casserole — perfection on a plate.

  • Lisa P is right as usual. You can totally wreck the food, the Cowboys can lose (unlikely this year), and you can be trapped with all your crabby relatives, but if you bring enough wine, everything is fine!

  • Cornbread stuffing smothered in gravy and lots of champagne!!

  • You put champagne on your cornbread stuffing?

    I’m not sure what my favorite is. I know what my family wants me to make every year – these special sweet potatoes that put the canned yams and marshmallow thing to shame, or the homemade cranberry sauce with prosecco.

    Truth? The only reason the cranberry sauce has prosecco is because it only takes 1/2 a cup of it, which means I really need to drink the rest so I’m not wasteful.