Eat Free Food at Urban Taco on Halloween

You know you’re going to be wearing a costume on Friday anyway, so if you’re in Mockingbird Station, stop by Urban Taco on Halloween. You’ll get free chips and salsa (they’re serving pumpkin salsa, mole sauce and jalapeno zucchini on Friday), and if you’re over 21, you’ll get a free Halloween margarita.

Sounds like a good way to warm up before whatever you have going on that night. I still don’t know what to be for Halloween, speaking of. Suggestions are appreciated.


  • Karen

    are you trying to be cute or do you want funny and creative?

  • Ashley Todd, or Princess Nudelman.

  • Me!

    Free taco today at Taco Bell, unfortunately no mole to go with it.

  • Kate

    How about tony romo? all you need is a jersey and a wrapped up pinkie!

  • Marci

    i think lots of places are doing specials…Mercy Wine Bar is offering 50% off your tab (dine in only) if you show up there Friday night wearing a costume! – it says “food and beverage” so it might be a good time to try that high dollar glass or bottle of wine.

  • Marco

    Free chips and salsa? What a concept!