Newbie in Oak Cliff

This morning I heard about a new restaurant and wine bar called Bolsa that’s been open a little more than a week.  It’s right off Davis and across the street from Gloria’s in the Bishop Arts District. Anyone heard or tasted anything yet?


  • Jef

    Yes. Stopped by the night before the official opening and was treated to delicious (free) sangria and flat bread appies. Went back a week later (last Thurs) and still no liquor license so more (FREE) sangria. The menu was good, but pretty limited. Lots of bruschetta (including a fun mix-n-match sampler) and flat bread options. They did mention more items coming soon which will be nice and hopefully a liquor license too.

  • Nate

    They should take a cue from Gina Campisi. Hehehe.

    I think that while they wait for their TABC permit, they should allow BYOB. That is always a draw for people who are looking for ways to save some money while dining out. If Bolsa wants to offer it, they can provide a minor corkage fee, like $5. I’d be there with friends and a couple of bottles at least.

  • VM

    They were charging for drinks by last Friday. Salads and flatbreads were very good, the menu needs to be expanded and they said it will be. It was packed, great vibe, cool crowd. I’m going back.

  • We went by Saturday night late – we know Chris Jeffers from his days at Samba Room, Mignon, and Dragonfly. Very cool space and the bruschetta with apples and the one with marscapone goat cheese was awesome. Sangria was great too. Quite a few people in there when we got there around 9.450m – definitely check it out. I heard they are now open for lunch and will also have a cool market where you can buy a lot of the stuff they make their food with…

  • The tomato and mozzarella flatbread and the Jimmy’s sausage flatbread are amazing. The space has a good feel to it and if you like good concert posters, the walls are covered with Dirk Fowler’s simple but lovely gig posters.

    I’m looking forward to the menu expansion and my next meal there.

  • RB

    Seconding VM and Jay. I was there last Friday (first day they had their license). Menu is tiny, but I had a very good pork chop (off menu…daily special?) spinach salad w/ pancetta and pecans was good too. bruschetta was fair, but i like the idea of the 4 different types on each order. cool, indoor/outdoor scene

  • Dustin

    These guys are good. They have a great space and may be 1 step ahead of the game (Cue InCap). Keep an eye out for Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District (old Cosmo Rouge Space).
    Gastropub meets Pizza…cool.

  • D.C.

    Went on this past Monday with a crew. It was quaint and fun! Liquor license was available for us to take advantage of… Great female bartender that was very pleasant and helpful, and good at what she does. Small menu, but what we had was tasty. Got there at 8pm and every table was full and only a few stools left at the bar.
    Guests came in up til 10pm when we left. Not bad for a spot in Dallas on a Monday these days! The windows behind the bar open up for an open air experience when the sun goes down. There is a bar on the otherside with a some stools, and it really creates a kind of cool vibe. A few market items available for foodies who live on the block.

  • mrs hall

    We’ve been by twice. Last night, most of the wines on the menu weren’t available, they said they were out. The place has 12 tables, so we waited an hour for a table for two. The food was good. Chris said the menu will be expanded, as will the market offerings. Right now it’s 3 bouquets of flowers and 22 bags of mesquite flavored chips. Very nice space, good location.

  • Cliffer

    Oak Cliff has jumped the shark. Vera Cruz used to be fantastic until it expanded. Now it is like El Fenix in Garland. Went to Kavala tonight and there was a group of 16 seniors there who stood up, commandeered the entire restaurant, screaming for more beer etc.

    The only place it seems to get seriously sophisticated food and ambience is The Belmont. Hopefully, it won’t turn into the next suburban wannabe…