Local Wine Blog Nominated For National Award

It may not be the Pulitzer but in the world of wine and wine blogging it’s a big deal. Especially when your name is Alfonso Cevola, the Italian Wine Director at Glazers, and your name is being tossed around with the likes of Eric Asimov for two American Wine Blog Awards (Best Writing and Best Graphics). His enchanting blog, On the Wine Trail in Italy, is always listed on our blogroll so I’m sure you’re familiar with his tales from the trails. If not, get hooked today. Chances are that he’ll win and he’ll go all suave bolla on us. Ya think? Naw. So vote here and vote often.


  • Nancy, sometimes when I think I’m doing a good job of blogging, I read some of these other guys. Boy Howdy, they can write! In particular, Nilay Ghandi of 750 ml can turn a phrase almost as well as his namesake predecessor, the Mahatma. I’m doing my part like you to help out the Italian Wine Guy, but I’m afraid he’s up against some serious competition, and as Tom Wark reports, the races for the Wine Blog Awards are as tight as my late father after he had a few Schlitzs.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Food Czar, just keep blogging. And drinking those Schlitzs. Pour one over a roasting chicken, shove the can in the neck hole, and bake away. Delicious.

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