DMN Calls on Joyce Foreman to Act Responsibly, and Water to Turn to Wine

Let's give the person who told Mike Miles he wasn't black enough for her the benefit of the doubt, right?

Good to see the Morning News has been reading Learning Curve. In a tut-tutting editorial, the paper  expressed its disappointment that “trustees appointed two family members and an old-guard administrator” to the home-rule commission. They were, of course, right to do so.

But the editorial doesn’t stop there. It also calls on new board member and placard specialist Joyce Foreman to “channel [her] energy and compassion productively, looking for ways to pull people together rather than drive them apart.”

Well, sure. While we’re at it, let’s ask whiskey to cure cancer. I’d like that, too.

Listen to this clip [Foreman_Tyrant] (taken from a DISD board meeting, in which Foreman was addressing current trustee Lew Blackburn) and tell me how productive you think Foreman will be.

Re-read this lovely tale from her blog, wherein Foreman called City Councilman Dwaine Caraway “[Mayor Tom] Leppert’s head Negro watcher,” and tell me how productive you think she’ll be.

And let’s not forget her greatest hit in the Cheap Shot 100: When she told Superintendent Mike Miles (at the 2:31 mark of the video at top), “Just because you’re my color doesn’t necessarily mean you’re my kind.” Again, how productive do you think she’ll be?

Let’s focus on what she’s saying when she criticizes Caraway and Miles: That these men are not black enough for her. It’s one of the sickest, most despicable things a self-serving bully can say. What she’s saying is that if these black men place value on anything other than protecting her friends, well, that just proves they’re not really black anymore. She’s saying that they must have some Uncle Tom in them.

Think how damaging that is for young black men to hear. Think about how hard teachers and parents have to work to dissuade young black men in devastatingly poor neighborhoods that they can’t succumb to such destructive, hateful accusations just because they want to be strong-minded, independent young men. And think about those young men, all-but-abandoned by people like Joyce Foreman and those who fell in line with her job-protection program, seeing someone who spit this sort of venom become a trustee.

Then think about asking her to channel her energy and compassion productively. While you’re at it, buy a lottery ticket. Because, hey, why not?


  • A Dallasite

    Spot. On. Really disappointed in her election to DISD Board. She’s a nutcase.

    All people like her, Ranger, Nutall do is distract from what’s REALLY important with petty fights, backbiting and general unpleasantness. Real, meaningful educational reform? We can just wave that goodbye. Along with Miles – don’t know much more he can put up with.

    FYI – the lovely Ms. Foreman is part of the group that picketed his son’s 12TH BIRTHDAY PARTY, causing him to move his wife and son back to Colorado. If that isn’t low, I don’t know what is. Lost all respect for her at that point.

  • Chazz

    “Think how damaging that is for young black men to hear.” As a young black man, I totally agree. I really hate any kind of talk that insinuates there are varying degrees of “blackness”. I get the feeling she will be very bad for the DISD as she represents a tired perspective that is so common in this district, and obviously has gotten us nowhere.

  • Public school poet


    Once again it’s Joyce Foreman,
    From her mouth she’s a-forming
    Her return to stage center again.
    Doubtless, this city has some
    old guard – under court’s thumb
    and for lost power they do yen.

    Who’s a friend and who’s a foe?
    Which direction should we go?
    Remember – the courts fixed nothing.
    But for those who knew the game
    of political swing, seek to reclaim
    their place under government wing.

    If you can’t say anything nice, say it with rhymes. ~ Bambi’s other mom

  • Betty Culbreath

    Joyce Foreman does more harm to Black people than Miles or Caraway could ever do.How she was elected is even worse.Foreman’s election will turn back any progress made in district 6.

    • A Dallasite

      What do you mean – “how she was elected”? Shed some light?

  • Diane Birdwell

    Their PROTEST lasted only a few minutes, and they did not know it was his birthday, and nobody moved 700 miles because of that. Get real.