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Genband VP Arrested for Indecency with a Child

Don Sparks was booked into the Dallas County Jail after he allegedly fondled an 11-year-old.

Don Sparks (Photo provided by Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)

A photographer who was arrested almost two weeks ago for allegedly fondling an 11-year-old female model was a vice president at Frisco-based Genband.

Don Sparks served as the vice president of engineering for the company. On July 20, Frisco police took Sparks into custody and charged him with indecency with a child before he was booked into Dallas County Jail. He posted a $100,000 bond.

Genband declined to comment on whether he still works at the company. He is not listed as part of the management team on the company’s website, but his Linkedin profile says he’s still serving in his role at Genband. Aside from working at the Frisco company, Sparks also owned Don Sparks Photography and shot photos of high school games for Wakeland High School, Frisco High School, Centennial High School, Reedy High School—all of which are in Frisco.

Sparks, 53, allegedly began working with the victim’s mother in 2016 and began having an affair. Shortly thereafter, he began soliciting improper photos from her daughter, according to The Dallas Morning News. Sparks is accused of repeatedly requesting provocative photos from the victim, who then allegedly sent him partially nude photos via Snapchat, the News story said.

Editor’s note: This story originally included the phrase “began having an affair.” It was incorrect and unclear verbiage and was intended to refer to the relationship Sparks had with the victim’s mother. D CEO regrets the error. 


  • Chrissy

    He began an affair? With an 11 year old? Your words matter, and this is just wrong. 11 year olds don’t have affairs. 11 year olds are groomed, molested, and sexually assaulted.

  • cpb

    So, there’s no evidence this sicko actually works at Genband currently. He may have once, but he hasn’t updated his LinkedIn account (which, trust me, very few people do). And as a result, Genband is a big part of this headline? That’s a little jacked up.

    Also Chrissy’s comment below is spot on.

  • Noel Guerra

    So much for innocent until proven guilty.

    • Bobby Carillo

      Noel, that sounds like an empathy remark for a man who is an obvious pervert

      • Noel Guerra

        No, Mr. Carillo its a law in the United States of America that’s on the federal books. By your reasoning/logic (that means where you use your brain instead of your emotional centers) because the USA has this law therefore the USA is a child molesting nation. Where you surmise empathy is a reference to due process, a concept if you were El Presidente Dictator of a nation would “sounds like” you’d discard and deem as unnecessary.

        • Bobby Carillo

          Noel, I understand your standpoint as much as I have a lot of issues with how the Gov/judicial system handles things. I get it, you shouldn’t be Presumed guilty unless proven otherwise. And we have the media that trolls on matters that they don’t have full information on. Anytime our freedom, dignity, honor and integrity are threatened I can see why you would comment in that manner.

        • Billybarule


          • Noel Guerra

            allegedly fondling an 11-year-old

  • ParleyPPratt

    Yeah, relying on LinkedIn for information on anyone is not a reliable journalistic practice.

  • mattvorwald

    Since the author finds it fit to call out the business but not publish his face…