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Where to Celebrate Record Store Day in Dallas

Before streaming, there was vinyl. Here's where to buy records in Dallas on June 12.
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Image of Truth to Power Project Compilation Album Cover
Courtesy of Josey Records

Record Store Day is a holiday for music lovers. Founded in 2007, RSD celebrates independent record stores for their continued presence in an ever-evolving music industry.

In an era where virality and social media often overpower quality, RSD reminds listeners to be patient with music. As a Zennial, I’m one of the few mid-20-year-olds with the collective memory of purchasing physical cassettes and CDs. I used to beg my older brother to let me accompany him and his friends to the Virgin Records store in Grapevine Mills mall. To this day, I remember my infatuation with Janet Jackson’s All For You album cover.

Nevertheless, I was partly saddened by the overt closure of physical record stores, as legal and illegal streaming sites like Limewire and iTunes took over as players in the music marketplace. The transition signaled the beginning of a new era in music: “the blog era,” especially how Dallas and The South dominated it. But that’s a post for another day.

Now is the time to support the local indie stores, which weathered the storms of streaming and reduced foot traffic due to the pandemic. (And, before that, the internet.) Like bars and restaurants, the local music industry needs our support to continue being physical hubs where folks, both young and old, can fall in love with music.

I fell in love with my late paternal grandfather’s record collection at a young age. I admired his copies of B.B. King’s Completely Well, Aretha Franklin’s Soul 69, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles’ Live In Concert for their simple beauty. When the needle touched those records, it felt like he was still in the room.

Vinyl records will always differentiate themselves from streaming because of their intergenerational ability to be passed down from person to person. Whether you have an existing archive or are curious to start your own collection, RSD is a great moment to grow or begin your music legacy.

In Dallas, three stores are participating in RSD 2021. Here’s a list of participating stores in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Good Records To Go

The White Rock record store opens at 7 a.m. for a day of RSD exclusives. Last year, folks started lining up at 5 a.m., so you might wanna bring a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich with you. Stop by Good Records To Go for a vinyl exclusive of Deftones’ Digital Bath, dvsn’s September 5th,  Linkin Park’s Meteora, Majid Jordan’s self-titled album, and Tom Petty’s Angel Dream.

Store-themed exclusives include pours from a complimentary kegerator and “Vaccinated and Ready To Dig” limited edition shirt and/or tote. For oat milk lovers, a vinyl of “Wow No Cow,” the Oatly anthem performed by Dresage, Sisu, and Saint Ezekiel will be available for purchase as well. More information on RSD 2021 here.

Josey Records

With over 200 RSD exclusives available for purchase, it’s hard to pick just one. But, where else can you find the exclusive Dallas Mavericks blue edition Truth To Power vinyl? The Josey Records and Eastwood compilation album features local artists such as Cure For Paranoia, Leon Bridges, Flower Child, Keite Young, and Elliott Skinner; it’s available for purchase at participating RSD stores, however, Josey Records is the only shop with the Dallas Mavs blue edit. Show your local pride, Dallasites!

Spinster Records

The North Oak Cliff record store is running a 50 percent off special on RSD 2020 exclusives. If you’re unsure on which vinyl to purchase, the staff shared their list of recommendations on the store’s Instagram. The shop opens at 8 a.m.

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