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The Life-Giving Breakfast Sandwiches That Help Us Start the Day

Whether between brioche buns or wedged into a biscuit, these morning sandwiches are worth waking up for.
By Reagan Williamson |
Courtesy Biscuit Bar

Nothing quite rivals the perfect breakfast sandwich. It’s a marvel to sustain you on your commute to work—if you can remember such a time—or, more likely these days, something to enjoy for a few quiet moments on a park bench outside. It requires no silverware, no table, no fuss. It is, by this login, the perfect takeout food.

As restaurants had set on the pandemic to-go path, many took the time to reflect on the ease and travel-readiness of their menus. Places like Whisk Crepes Café, known for delicious and delicate crepes, introduced breakfast sandwiches on its menus for a more grab-and-go-friendly option. Now, Dallas is brimming with eggy-cheesy-bacon-y breakfast sandwiches in all forms: biscuits, toasts, and arepas. Check out this list of just a few of our favorites around town.

Mega-Egga from AllGood Café

Head to the long-beloved AllGood Café for breakfast, burgers, and a side of the Deep Ellum music scene. The spot recently celebrated its 20th year of serving insanely crispy chicken fried steak and low-key Tex-Mex breakfast favorites like huevos rancheros. However, the Mega-Egga Sandwich is what secured AllGood’s spot on this list. The over-the-top breakfast dishes consists of a hard-fried egg and shaved ham layered on hefty sourdough slices. Do add breakfast potatoes or black beans to this morning miracle.

Whisk Crepes Café’s Chef la Raclette

Sure, the savory crepes at Whisk Crepes Café might be enough to satisfy your breakfast sandwich craving, but lucky for everyone in West Dallas, Whisk has recently introduced egg sandwiches to the menu. These aren’t run-of-the-mill egg sandwiches, either. The Chef la Raclette cradles melty raclette cheese, scrambled egg, braised onion, bacon, chopped herb masterpiece on homemade brioche buns. (Hot tip: The Plano sister location, Whisk and Eggs, also offers its own breakfast sandwich menu.)

Latin Deli’s Peruvian Pork and Eggs Over Easy

Owned by a former manager of La Duni, Latin Deli touches on several Latin American points of view, from Colombian to Peruvian to Puerto Rican. There a more than a few breakfast sandwiches to try here. The Pork and Eggs Over Easy features a Peruvian pork and criolla onions, while the Rebotillo Egg sandwich offers eggs scrambled with tomatillo. There is a location in East Dallas and one in Addison, with another soon to open in Plano.

Hypnotic Donuts’ Jim

Head to Hypnotic Donuts for the unsung heroes on their menu: fried chicken sandwiches. Most of the sandwiches are made with biscuits and stuffed chicken breast marinated 24 hours and fried to order. For the ultimate morning-after recovery, the Jim supplies a piece of fried chicken between two glazed donuts and a side of sriracha.

Simple yet perfect: the egg and cheese arepa from Zaguan Latin Cafe & Bakery.

Zaguan’s Over Easy Egg and Cheese Arepa

This Oak Lawn Venezuelan spot is known for its crispy arepas, straightforward brunch set-up, and its freshly baked pastries. Though you can’t go wrong with the Zaguan brunch, which comes with an omelette, cheese arepa, and fruit smoothie, we’re headed here for the Carlos Special—an over easy egg and fresh cheese arepa. It’s an arepa, yes, yet it has all the components of drive-across-town kind of breakfast sandwich. Nestled between two halves of a cheesy, delicately crisp arepa is a gooey-yolked egg. Honorable mention goes to the ham, egg, and cheese croissant.

OddFellows’ Fork and Knife

Bishop Arts’ brunch staple, OddFellows, is a solid breakfast sandwich choice if you manage to nab a table on a regularly packed weekend morning. The tried-and-true choice is the Fork and Knife, which hits all the necessary breakfast notes: tomato, ham, gruyere, fried egg, chipotle aioli and some thick slices of sourdough.

The Hoss from The Biscuit Bar

If you find yourself lazing about the Dallas Farmer’s Market and hankering for buttery, bacon-y breakfast goodness, Biscuit Bar is the obvious choice. Keep it simple with a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit or take it to a 10 with the Hoss, a fried chicken, bacon, jack cheese, gravy, and honey butter biscuit sandwich.

Kuby’s Breakfast Biscuit

Kuby’s is known around town for being an award-winning German butcher—Food and Wine recently named them one of the top 100 butchers in the country. What does that mean for you? It means you can find their fresh cuts of meat on breakfast sandwiches. Kuby’s serves breakfast every day and brunch on Sundays. Get the breakfast biscuit, which is filled with top-notch sausage and scrambled eggs, served with gravy and country potatoes.

San Martin’s Breakfast Chapata

Guatemalan-based bakery San Martin in the former MAC gallery space is changing up Uptown’s breakfast game with their breakfast chapata. All items are baked and made from scratch and range from Guatemalan classics to more European staples. The breakfast chapata is an omelet with ham, crispy bacon, and melted cheese on homemade ciabatta and served with ranchera sauce. Don’t forget to grab a coffee—all the beans are Guatemalan and roasted by San Martin.

Egg Toast at Iota Brew Café

LA-transplant Iota Brew Café opened in Carrollton in 2019, bringing fan favorites like the kimchi carbonara, dakgangjeong (a sweet, crispy fried Korean chicken), and thick, brick-like toasts. It may sound simple, but don’t sleep on the egg, ham, and cheese toast. Ultra-fluffy scrambled eggs and ham are drizzled in spicy mayo and set carefully between hefty toast slices. We suspect the galbi steak toast is also bangin’, if you somehow find yourself in more of a lunch mood.

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