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Playlist: DJ Spinderella Cuts It Up For Best Of Big D

This is how she'll do it.

Tonight’s the night. Known request-taker DJ Spinderella will grace The Bomb Factory for Best Of Big D, our annual guide to the best food, drinks, shops, and entertainment in Dallas made manifest in a celebration that brings together all the winners have to offer.

Since 2010 Deidra “Dee Dee” Roper of NYC hip-hop royalty Salt-N-Pepa (b. 1985) has called Dallas home and flexed her prowess at the tables as Spinderella. She even headlined a silent disco at Annette Strauss Square. Happening upon a starkly quiet public space to see couples freakdancing in headphones seems a bizarre experience everyone should have once, but the scene tonight will be more traditional: blockbuster cuts from Salt-N-Pepa’s catalog come straight through the speakers, as well as some MC Lyte and the Arrested Development staple “People Everyday.”  To make things even more shamelessly nostalgic, Spinderella’s manager tipped us off to these maybe-picks.