Australian musician and househusband Aaron Hendra.

The Real Housewives of Dallas Rocker Husband’s Music Is About What You’d Expect

In which we listen to the househusband's debut album.

Aaron Hendra, for those of you fortunate enough to be unaware, is the husband of Tiffany Hendra, one of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Hendra, we learn in his first appearance on the show, is an Australian musician who followed his wife to Dallas. Or, as Bravo puts it: “When we first saw flashes of Tiffany Hendra’s Aussie rocker husband Aaron on screen, we had to wonder if Keith Urban had a secret life we weren’t aware of!”

I’m not sure how much Hendra or his music figure into the continuing adventures of the Housewives. I have only watched the first episode of the show, and until this morning, I thought calling the Australian musician “The Aaron Hendra Project” in each Housewives recap was solely a running joke, and not Hendra’s actual performing moniker. I did not go see Hendra play at The Rustic on Tuesday, although that gig would seem to indicate he is OK with using his Housewives notoriety to benefit his career. Capitalizing on another recent tragedy, Hendra also took the opportunity to cover “Purple Rain.”

I did, however, make it through The Aaron Hendra Project’s 2014 debut album, Octobersong, on Spotify. While Hendra can’t be held responsible for The Real Housewives of Dallas, this one is on him.

Octobersong is Christian rock without the good excuse — This album was not made out of a sense of religious obligation. There is only one person getting the glory here, and his origins are earthly. (God would have better sense than to name His band “The Aaron Hendra Project.”) You can practically hear Hendra striking a Jesus Christ pose when he sings, “You walk with angels wherever you are,” and his ego, at least, seems to aspire to the grandiose heights reached by U2, another band that wears its Christian influences on its sleeve. It all feels a little unearned. Not even Bono was arrogant enough to direct a documentary about himself before he got famous. Doesn’t the Sermon on the Mount have something to say about the value of humility?

Your neighborhood Christian youth group’s worship service is doing this kind of sterilized rock better than Hendra, and none of them are coated in a glistening layer of Housewives stink. Why would anyone try and sound like this? Maybe it’s fashionable in Australia. Things are different down there. Water drains the wrong way, and there are more snakes than people.

Ultimately, though, music this bland and toothless is too inoffensive to get particularly worked up about. Taste in music, after all, is subjective, and I’m happy for the Hendra Heads out there who know every embarrassing word to “Alive.” I don’t mean to pick on an independent artist doing his best to make it in a cruel, competitive world.

There’s worse music out there in North Texas, and — thank God — there is also much better. But, for better or worse, none of those artists are on The Real Housewives of Dallas.


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  • Tiffany Hendra

    Bless your heart and thank God there’s MUCH better journalists in Dallas too! May the toxicity you all put out from D Magazine come back to bite you hard 1000 fold. That calls for a double bless your heart.

    • Pol Pot

      Thank you Tiffany. For too long people have been looking at me and my prior work in Democratic Kampuchea as an abomination upon humanity. You keep showing them that I’m not so bad. Quadruple bless your heart surgery.
      –Brother Number One

  • Towski

    Pops popcorn.

  • ACV2233

    I went over to YouTube and listened a bit. The guy has pipes, he just needs better songs. Maybe this show will get him access to better songwriters if it doesn’t get cancelled first.

  • disqus_az7pUS8NS6

    I’m sorry, I’m confused why did D Mag hired you… This article is grossly judgemental – did you even go to journalism school? #hatersgonnahate

  • B Ram

    It seems like the author of this article has some kind of issue with Christianity that translates into a fair bit of hate in this article. My take is a cheap shot at a great musician. We all can’t like the same music…

  • Victoria R

    I’m sorry, being a writer myself, I’m going to agree with the housewife! Who wouldn’t use such a large platform to get their music heard. Do you think Frankel’s Skinny Girl Booze would have taken off if it wasn’t for the thousands of viewers of the Housewives? To hold that against him is ridiculous! Not to mention, he’s easy on the eyes!

  • Michael Scroggins

    Did Keith Urban have a kid with Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite?

    Oy bet e’could throw a footbull ova them moun’ains.

  • Shy Sharon

    A lot of cheap shots taken! That’s not really a review, is it?

  • Chip

    He tries wayyyyyyyyyyy too hard. Not just with his music, but also with that contrived ” Keith Urban wannabe” look. And his wife referring to him as a rock and roll ” star” who ” once had” the big mansion in L.A. is cringeworthy embarrassing.