The scene from Merli & Spumante's debut show at Vice Palace. Credit: Andi Harman.

Concert Picks for June 20-21: Merli & Spumante | The Chosen Few DJs | Tornup & Berto G

We're just going to blast through this, but here are a few highlights for the weekend.

We’re just going to blast through this, but here are a few highlights for the weekend:


There is a party at Epocha in Deep Ellum, in order to mark the release of the Stones Throw Records documentary, Our Vinyl Weights a Ton. You should go because Stones Throw released what I would argue is one of the most interesting and endlessly mysterious  records of any genre of the past ten years. I’m sure the documentary will focus on the label’s hip hop output, but actually, that’s great too. Presented by The Lost Angles and The Angelika Film Center.

The  long-running Chicago house music collective, The Chosen Few DJs will be at Sandaga 813 this evening, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this from other sources. With an unbelievable lineup going back to the 70s that includes Wayne Williams, Jesse Saunders, Alan King, and other pioneering dance artists, this seems like an obvious show to highlight. Between this and the silence on the Dr. Cornel West event at Friendship-West Baptist Church, a couple of important events were really missed this week. Anyway, listen to this:


Friday night, North Carolina indie rock outfit, the Mountain Goats, are stopping off in Denton to perform a sold out show at Dan’s Silverleaf. With a single off their 2002 release, “All Hail West Texas,” they captured the hearts and ears across the Lone Star State, and Denton’s in for a treat as singer-songwriter John Danielle and his band perform “The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton” and flocks of fans arrive to pay tribute. — Aaron Claycomb


Elsewhere on Friday—

Wire Nest (Featuring members of Sub Oslo | Cygnus | Merli & Spumante (The Crown and Harp): This is a very smart and diverse lineup; I’ve seen Cygnus and Merli & Spumante and can vouch for both. Wire Nest is coming off of a successful and rare set from Sub Oslo, who played Fort Worth for the first time in a very long time last weekend.

Blackbird Blackbird | Nite | AviDD (Three Links) 


Gossamer Frontier | Tornup & Berto G | Creatures (1919 Hemphill): Featuring the Fort Worth hip hop duo Tornup & Berto G, who we don’t hear enough from.

Frauen | Bukkake Moms | Wiving | Pierre Bürger (The Crown and Harp): This show is free, but I would actually pay money for it. This is a fun, funny, and solid lineup of some of the most ridiculous troublemakers in the area.

Blake Ward’s “Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): Standback, Blake has gone 90s on us. Does that mean “Pony” or “Goodbye Horses?” There’s only one way to find out.