William Sarradet, in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman.

Dallas Music Picks for Tuesday, Feb. 11: Blake Ward’s ‘The Showdown’ and Ranch Ghost

Blake Ward's weekly brings two longtime collaborators on stage together for the first time.

“The Showdown” with Blake Ward (Sundown): Mr. Kitty and Count Backwards join Blake Ward as the live music portion of his “Showdown” weekly this evening. Count Backwards, a project from the Two Bronze Doors resident artist, William Sarradet, has assisted Mr. Kitty with visuals for approximately three years, and will finally share the stage with him for the first time tonight. I recently saw Sarradet perform to a small Denton crowd at an experimental showcase under the moniker Half Asexual. Expect his presence to complement Mr. Kitty’s dark energy.

The Weeks/Ranch Ghost/Goodnight Ned/Chief Scout (Club Dada): After a quick scan through the band’s catalog, I can confirm that The Weeks sounds like the perfect soundtrack to your average college student’s bus commute, when he or she is imagining oneself as a cast member of a syrupy, hit teen dramedy. However, opening act Ranch Ghost has a bit of ruffled charm that contrasts that band’s polished melodrama for a potentially successful pairing. Both acts claim Nashville, but only one truly slants “southern” in tone.


Other worthwhile Tuesday Events–

Life Leone/The Confounded/Sons of Sierra/Carmecci (Lola’s Saloon) 









Image: William Sarradet, in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman.