5 Cultural Activities for Your Iced-In Weekend

If the weather inspires some cozy time indoors, then here are some options for at-home engagement and cultural edification.

Have you heard? There’s a hell storm of arctic death barreling its way towards DFW. That means this weekend will likely be a loss, as weather forces shut-downs and cancellations. Sure, the shows will go on at local theaters and in local galleries, and if possible, you should definitely head out to some of the fine theater and art happening this weekend. But if the weather inspires some cozy time indoors, snuggled under a blanket and celebrating the end of prohibition by testing out some punch bowl recipes for later in the month, then we have some options for at-home engagement and cultural edification. Here are 5 art events for your iced-in weekend:


kuri1. Tyler Green Talks with Garbiel Kuri

The Modern Arts Podcast host Tyler Green chats with Mexico City-based artist Gabriel Kuri about his work at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. You can listen to that here.



upstream2. Watch Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color

The haunting and enigmatic film by (former) Dallasite Shane Carruth sets a tale about love, memory, and manipulation in a hazy North Texas landscape. The film was nominated for a couple of Independent Spirit Awards, and you can now stream it on Amazon.


woman3. View (The) First on (Wo)Manorial

(Wo)Manorial is an online art gallery started in Dallas, and it features exhibitions often revolving around feminist themes. A flash-driven video leads through selections of poetry, photographs, videos, and images of art work by artists based in Dallas and around the country. Check it out here.


afterdark4. Listen to the entire Italians Do It Better After Dark 2

The Italians Do It Better label sampler was just named the 15th best album of 2013 by Gorilla vs. Bear, and it features a gem by Dallas-based musician Farah called “Into Eternity.” You can hear the whole thing on GvB, or check it out on Soundcloud.


macguffin5. Watch Homecoming! Committee’s MacGuffin Live Feed

The Fort Worth-based art collective has been occupying the and x art space since early November, staging events and situations, and documenting it all in images and via a live video feed. There’s no guarantee you’ll catch Homecoming in action this weekend, but there is a hot tub in the space, which may prove a big draw on an icy Saturday night.



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