The Weekend’s Concerts: North Oak Cliff Music Festival, The DOMA’s, and an All-Morrissey DJ Night

Has everyone recovered from Halloween? I did not take my own advice and instead chased the party from the Design District to Oak Cliff, to East Dallas, and finally, Deep Ellum. While there were some highlights, I don’t know if I ever really found it. Oh, wait, yes I did. At the Double Wide. I forgot how wheels-off it gets there on this particular night every year, and I’m wondering how that possibly could have slipped my mind. I apologize if anyone was within earshot of me berating a gentleman for revving his motorcycle superfluously. The venue turns ten years old this weekend, and though it seems much older than that for some reason—congrats.

Since the darkest holiday came and went, this is a somewhat light weekend, with a few major exceptions. The first is the Dallas Observer Music Showcase, that sprawling and ambitious event that completely transforms Deep Ellum for a day, into a place where people are excited to go see local bands. I think that’s based on a true story. I attended last year and had an excellent time, especially for the privilege of having a good reason to go into Reno’s Chop Shop and other venues I don’t always frequent. It’s educational. You can find more info on that here. As has been the case for the past couple of years, the Observer now reflects the music community much more accurately than it had for a great while, probably since the Sam Machkovech era. In other words, there are many opportunities to actually catch a quality act, so by all means, go.

The next event is something in which I must recuse myself. Well, almost. It’s for charity so I don’t really find this to be a harmful act of self-promotion. That would be the Good/Bad Art Collective’s Rock Lottery 12. This year’s living mash-up of musicians includes members of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Drumline, as well as musicians from acts I’ve certainly enjoyed over the years, including Botany’s Spencer Stephenson, Bukkake Moms’ Reece McLean, Christian! Teenage Runaways’ Sashenka Lopez, and too many others to name here. I was asked to perform this year, and I was honored. It also includes some musicians whose work I’ve criticized over the years, and I want to call a 24 hour truce on all of that. This year’s selections have been called both “strange” and it’s also been said that you should be “surprised” by the lineup. I have looked at the list several times, and I don’t really see much strange or surprising about it. It’s a benefit show with a bunch of musicians, some fairly new, some who made music for decades, and most of whom are from Denton. I’m failing to see anything weird.

This year, Rock Lottery benefits Denton County Friends of the Family, which offers aid to those suffering from various forms of abuse, including “rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.” I suspect that factored heavily into why some of these musicians chose to be involved, since the lineup was somehow so shocking to certain individuals.

Finally, that North Oak Cliff Music Festival will likely be very well-attended, and I’m sure the Relatives will steal the show as usual.

The weekend’s concerts—


Travis Scott (Monroe Lounge): One of Kanye’s protégés is giving cause to stop by Monroe Lounge for the second time in a few weeks, and I really need to get on that.

The Blow/Love Inks (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): This might be the biggest name I’ve seen at Gloves in a while, and Dentonites should be pleased to not have to make the drive to Dallas for the pleasure.

Other Friday shows—

Spooky Folk/Pageantry/Peopleodeon (Dan’s Silver Leaf) 

Warmaster/Kill the Client/Cleric/Humanerror (Taqueria Pedritos) 

DJ Sega (It’ll Do Club)


“Away from the Numbers” (Single Wide): Tonight’s theme is all-Morrissey, all-Smiths, and I dare you to show up in a cardigan while reading an imported copy of the singer’s new autobiography. The tome was released, somewhat hilariously, on Penguin Classics. I bet you don’t go home alone, but it’s more appropriate if you do.

“North Oak Cliff Music Festival” (Lake Cliff Park): The lineup includes The Relatives, Band of Heathens, Seryn, and Bob Schneider.

Rock Lottery Twelve (Dan’s Silver Leaf): See above. More information is available here.

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): Tonight’s guest is Feezy.

Other Saturday shows—

Lily Taylor/Water Falls/Fond Phantom (The Crown and Harp) 




Image: Morrissey, performing live at South by Southwest, March 2006. Credit: Christopher Mosley.