Concert Picks for Wednesday, Oct. 23: A Light Evening with “Vinyl Preservation Society” and Isaac Hoskins

It’s a light Wednesday, which is fine with me, as all of this music has gotten in the way of all of the visual art, films, or even general chores I’ve been trying to see and do lately. Luckily our tireless editors have those first two handled quite capably.

I have just a handful of events tonight, all local. Before I toss these at you, I also want to remind you to tune into “Fake Parts,” Denton’s wildly unique radio show on 1670 AM. I can’t quite decipher the singular jargon on the invitation to figure out who the guest is tonight, but I bet it’s someone special. You can access that online here, if you don’t live in Denton, and most of you do not.

“Vinyl Preservation Society” (The Crown and Harp): As always, “VPS” has a theme, or a couple of themes, and tonight’s include “Put on Your Make-Up,” which is loosely Halloween-related, and “All Over the Place,” which is just as non-confining as it sounds. Attendees are encouraged to bring records and discuss them, and if you have ever met an entirely dug-in record collector, you know that they are often not at a loss for words.

Isaac Hoskins (Twilite Lounge): This Denton songwriter’s weathered roots approach will likely fit in very well at Twilite Lounge, even if I’m a sucker for the jukebox. Americana fans farther up the highway can think of Twilite as a Dan’s  Silverleaf to the South if they usually find no place in Deep Ellum to their liking.

Other Wednesday shows—

Danny Church (Renfield’s Corner)

“For Your Pleasure” with George Quartz (Double Wide) 

Photo: Isaac Hoskins at Rock Lottery 11, 2012. Credit: Andi Harman