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A Big Rich Texas Special Report- The Miss Texas USA Mystery

A Big Rich Texas Special Report- The Miss Texas USA Mystery
By Merritt Patterson |

You’ll find more scoop on Melissa’s pageant days in the episode 5 recap

UPDATE: Melissa Poe of Big Rich Texas was in the 1990 Miss Texas USA pageant as Miss Carrollton. I haven’t found anything about Melissa also being Miss Dallas.




Big Rich Texas viewers were mystified by Melissa’s odd demeanor in episode 3 after she told Leslie she was a former Miss Dallas and Miss Carrollton. Via Facebook message, Melissa Poe confirmed that it was in 1989 and was the Miss Texas USA system.

Bob Eubanks

I don’t think any questions would have lingered if she hadn’t refused to answer Leslie’s most basic questions. But she did refuse and, as promised, I did have to investigate. It took awhile, but I finally tracked down a DVD of the 1989 Miss Texas USA pageant hosted by Bob Eubanks in San Antonio.

I’ll admit that I clicked fast forward a few times; mainly past the painful number performed by the pageant contestants and some guys dressed in metallic Tarzan costumes.

But I sat patiently through the introduction of all 103 contestants paying special attention to any of the girls named Melissa, with an emphasis on Miss Carrollton and Miss Dallas and girls representing surrounding areas. And here’s the report: (forgive my poor attempt at spelling some last names but they weren’t displayed on the screen).

Miss Carrollton and Miss Dallas:

  • There was not a Miss Carrollton in the 1989 Miss Texas USA pageant.
  • Miss Dallas was Crystal Casin  Krystal Cason.

Surrounding area contestants:

  • Miss Collin County- Margaret Johnson
  • Miss Dallas County- Paula Rayano
  • Miss Denton- Tracey Hagaman
  • Miss Denton County- Donisha Hoffman
  • Miss Fort Worth- Gretchen Polhemus

Contestants named Melissa:

  • Miss Harris County: Melissa Buchanan
  • Miss Houston: Melissa Proctor
  • Miss Leon Valley: Melissa Dominguez
  • Miss Parker County: Melissa Monier
  • Miss Richardson: Melissa Meyer

The 1989 Miss Texas USA results:

  • 4th runner up: Miss Houston, Melissa Proctor
  • 3rd runner up: Miss Harris County, Melissa Buchanan
  • 2nd runner up: Miss Spring, Sherri Krantz
  • 1st runner up: Miss Fort Bend County, Stephanie Cutie
  • Winner: Gretchen Polhemus

I’m positive there’s a perfectly good explanation for the confusion, I just haven’t found it yet.

Miss Dallas at the Miss Texas USA pageant in 1989, first name Crystal, not Melissa.

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