A Big Rich Texas Special Report- The Miss Texas USA Mystery

A Big Rich Texas Special Report- The Miss Texas USA Mystery

You’ll find more scoop on Melissa’s pageant days in the episode 5 recap

UPDATE: Melissa Poe of Big Rich Texas was in the 1990 Miss Texas USA pageant as Miss Carrollton. I haven’t found anything about Melissa also being Miss Dallas.




Big Rich Texas viewers were mystified by Melissa’s odd demeanor in episode 3 after she told Leslie she was a former Miss Dallas and Miss Carrollton. Via Facebook message, Melissa Poe confirmed that it was in 1989 and was the Miss Texas USA system.

Bob Eubanks

I don’t think any questions would have lingered if she hadn’t refused to answer Leslie’s most basic questions. But she did refuse and, as promised, I did have to investigate. It took awhile, but I finally tracked down a DVD of the 1989 Miss Texas USA pageant hosted by Bob Eubanks in San Antonio.

I’ll admit that I clicked fast forward a few times; mainly past the painful number performed by the pageant contestants and some guys dressed in metallic Tarzan costumes.

But I sat patiently through the introduction of all 103 contestants paying special attention to any of the girls named Melissa, with an emphasis on Miss Carrollton and Miss Dallas and girls representing surrounding areas. And here’s the report: (forgive my poor attempt at spelling some last names but they weren’t displayed on the screen).

Miss Carrollton and Miss Dallas:

  • There was not a Miss Carrollton in the 1989 Miss Texas USA pageant.
  • Miss Dallas was Crystal Casin  Krystal Cason.

Surrounding area contestants:

  • Miss Collin County- Margaret Johnson
  • Miss Dallas County- Paula Rayano
  • Miss Denton- Tracey Hagaman
  • Miss Denton County- Donisha Hoffman
  • Miss Fort Worth- Gretchen Polhemus

Contestants named Melissa:

  • Miss Harris County: Melissa Buchanan
  • Miss Houston: Melissa Proctor
  • Miss Leon Valley: Melissa Dominguez
  • Miss Parker County: Melissa Monier
  • Miss Richardson: Melissa Meyer

The 1989 Miss Texas USA results:

  • 4th runner up: Miss Houston, Melissa Proctor
  • 3rd runner up: Miss Harris County, Melissa Buchanan
  • 2nd runner up: Miss Spring, Sherri Krantz
  • 1st runner up: Miss Fort Bend County, Stephanie Cutie
  • Winner: Gretchen Polhemus

I’m positive there’s a perfectly good explanation for the confusion, I just haven’t found it yet.

Miss Dallas at the Miss Texas USA pageant in 1989, first name Crystal, not Melissa.


  • Melissa Poe

    Merritt, like I said on your Facebook page, please make sure you do your homework more thoroughly before you try and make me out to be a liar. I WAS Miss Carrollton in the 1989 Miss Texas USA pageant. My friend, Margaret Johnson-Nicols was Miss Collin County in the pageant with me that year. She can verify this for me. I have no explanation as to why I’m not listed. But I have my hometown newspaper reporting this back in 1989 as well as my pageant photo.
    Please retract your statements and article.

  • dmaglovin1

    But why wouldn’t you say it on the show…

  • Melissa Poe

    Stay tuned to this Sunday’s episode to find out. 😉

  • Melissa Poe

    Hmmmm….I just saw Gretchen Polhemus listed as Miss Ft. Worth. This is not correct. Gretchen Polhemus was already Miss Texas USA when I was in the pageant. So maybe I got my year wrong? Merritt go watch the 1990 tape!!!

  • KSR

    Now I remember! Yes, Gretchen won and then went on to be Miss U.S.A.

  • Maddie

    hahahahahahahahahahaha. LOL at the incorrect statements. Wrong pagent! It’s okay mama, the person who wrote this is going to look like the stupid one in the end. They really should have done their homework and why would they even care. Obviously they have nothing better to do than to obsess over you!

  • Jake


    I think it’s time you know the truth. You’re a journalist but you’re doing a lot of research in the wrong direction. I hate to break it to you but reality television is anything but real. Reality TV shows are 100% scripted and Big Rich Texas is no exception. I know you want to believe what your watching is real but these are characters loosely based on the real lives of the cast; writers make up everything…including backstory. You might as well be trying to get the scoop on whether George Costanza is really an Architect or who really shot JR Ewing. I hope this comes as a relief to you and not a disappointment. It really is time that you stop feeding the lie and giving these shows the publicity and validation they need from the media.

  • Jake, I’ve been working on the Costanza thing too! Thanks, you made my day!

  • AllofDallas

    Keep it up Merritt – this is awesome. These has-beens were probably told by their moms that their were prettier than the Miss Dallases (as a consolation no doubt) and actually started to believe they were Miss Dallas.  Now they can’t separate truth from fiction. The saddest part – they spend time trying to convince everyone. Didn’t she also win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2006?

  • DeDe

    [email protected]! And yes, everything about the show is scripted including the “country club” they film at….which is located in Tarrant County I believe. At least when I googled the name and Louis Scoma’s name.

  • Renee

    Im just excited to see the pic of the brother and sister dancers from the pageant. I had forgotten about them. I think their last name was DeWeems or something like that. The guy (Alan?) was gorgeous, but didn’t play for my team. Thanks for the memories!

  • TruthBeTold

    When are you going to do a special investigation on Connie’s coke habit?

  • Krystal Cason

    Yes that is right but my name is spelled Krystal Cason, and I was Miss Dallas that year. I don’t remember Melissa but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. There were over 100 contestants.

  • HollyCroff

    I sure hope this show is scripted because if it’s not these people are sick. I have lived in Dallas/Fort Worth all of my life and have meet some pretty superficial women but these women top them all. I grew up with a oil man for a Daddy, so don’t get me wrong I am not jealous. The country club these women are members of is in Fort Worth and let me tell you that I have been to Y.M.C.A.’s that are nicer! I really hope that their daughters do not take after them. This life is 2 short to treat people so ugly.

  • Sarah

    What about Connie’s coke habit?!? I want to hear more……

  • Sarah

    I personally like Connie but was just really curious about that from @TruthBeTold.

  • If Melissa has her pageant photo then maybe she should just present it along with any other proof to clear all of this up. It’s just so weird that she’s not listed… …and someone cut all of the footage of her out of the videos…

    I bet that Pam is behind this, and her co-conspirator is Art Vandelay.

  • Krystal Cason

    This is some really great banter!! What a shame to hear the show is all scripted!! Must be a pretty boring country club to need a script for any good dialogue! Sounds like the girls need to start playing tennis and then they can argue over who is gonna be captain of the team and who is gonna play together and what uniform they’re gonna wear each season – you know, REAL girl drama – the kind we have at MY country club!!!!! 🙂 Hey I’m just happy I’m back in D Magazine!!!! Thanks Merritt!!!! What I can’t figure out is why the big fuss over whether she was Miss Carrollton? I thought the argument was the fact that she was supposedly Miss Dallas????

  • Caligirl

    I read on one of the blogs that Pam was a stripper in Dallas and Miami. Also the blog says the guy she is married to now her kids’ father. I hope no one thinks I’m judging her because that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. I’m just wondering why Pam tries to come off as a goody -two -shoes, she wants us the viewer to think she’s better than everybody else?

  • TruthBeTold

    I was being sarcastic.

  • jamie claire

    Melissa and Maddie, this isnt even worth a minute of your time and I’m sure you already know it!!! Its clear tht there are some obsessed psycho’s out there who don’t have lives of their own and so they are trying to live thru you and your business! Some ppl simply have nthng better to do than talk sht about others! And seriously, what about Leslie?? Is she not the most pathetic excuse for a person or what?!?!!! She needs a good punch in her ugly face!!! Shes such a skank! Why doesn’t somebdy just biatch slap her already!!! lol

  • jeans2lace

    Give Melissa a break…maybe the reason she cant get the year/pageant right is she has early onset Alzheimer’s!

  • jeans2lace

    How can you NOT remember where something so big happened in your life…ahahahahah

  • TiffaniB

    So funny how everybody can play investigator to get into Leslie’s past dig up her dirt and give her goddaughter all this “insight” on what they believe Leslie is doing to her. But when they get there dirt dug up and thrown back in their face then Leslie is this horrible woman… LOL Pathetic Beyotches!!!!!!!! What HYPOCRITES. Everybody has a past GET YO LIFE- PAM, CONNIE & MELISSA.

  • CattleRncher

    I think that it was very classy of you Melissa to want to keep it a secret. It is none of anyones business what you did in the past. Keep up with the good work on B R T and down with that lying conniving Leslie.

  • Bridget

    I hated seeing Melissa and Maddie upset about the pagent business. I don’t think that Melissa should have been outed like that, but also, Melissa is gonna have to lay off the Leslie smack talk. It doesn’t look good, either. Maddie is such a sweetheart and my heart goes out to her and Melissa. I understand how Leslie reacted because Melissa doesn’t have any problem dishing it out… she was just reacting. I still don’t agree, but after all the snide comments attributed to Melissa, I understand that Leslie is sick of it. My heart goes out to her quite often as I watch the show. I really like all the ladies, except maybe Pam, who is such a mean girl. She is so pretty and I love her Southern mannerism, but she is just mean. Maddie, I hope you are okay. love!

  • lara

    Wait she said she lost her crown because she was pregnant her daughter is 16 would that mean she was miss Texas in 1995 06 1996 because my daughter was born in 1996 and she is 16 now?

  • jeans2lace

    @lara…She has an older son in his 20s…If Melissa or any of the ladies wanted to keep things in their life secret then DONT go on a reality TV show or DONT smack talk another on the show…Being on one you open up your life to public scrutiny….It cracks me up when people think that there isnt someone out there ready to dig REAL deep ro find something on them…Get real!

  • Christy

    Seriously though – it’s really weird to Google these reality “stars” and find them commenting and actively involved with online speculation of their lives. Did they not know what they were signing up for, or are they just bad at this? Pam, especially, seems to come up when Google-ing this show. To be honest, Pam seems to genuinely have a disorder that should be treated and not celebrated on television.

    Also, Maddie – the author isn’t obsessed. It’s the often talked about price of fame. Once you’re the star of one of these shows, people are naturally going to speculate about dramatic moments in your lives as if you’re a fictional character, because we’re presented pieces of your lives in serial form each week. Plus the whole speculation that it’s scripted – that makes people want to dig and find the truth even more. It’s not being an obsessed stalker, it’s playing a fun game of detective.

  • momof2

    While I don’t agree with how Leslie ‘outed’ Melissa, I must say that this is Melissa’s doing. She admitted she kept this from her daughter and wanted to never talk about it, it was something she kept hidden. Although Melissa might not be proud of her past, it’s hers and she should own it. Maddie being upset with her is only natural. To be lied to all your life (either with actual lies or by ignoring the truth) is hurtful. The trust she once had in her mother is gone because if Melissa can’t be honest about something so easily found out, what other dirty little secrets is she keeping? But this doesn’t have to be the end of their relationship. Maddie needs to learn to trust her mother again and her mother needs to do some serious reflecting. To deny your past is to deny who you are. Although we might not be proud of our pasts, its what made us who we are today, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • SGee

    While I have always found Melissa and Maddie to be boring (not in a bad way) I would have never expected something like this. I was always under the impression that Maddie was an only child and if she indeed does have a brother then why would this news be so shocking? All you would have to do is put the math together and it’s really not even something to be ashamed about.

    I wonder if Leslie pushed Kailyn to have her boob job like she pushed for lipo? How come we haven’t jumped into her and Tyler sleeping together yet because Connie tried to get that out there during the pagent fiasco.

  • Robin

    Your awesome recaps are the reason I watch this show. lol @ Melissa and Maddie’s comments and claims of relevance and “truth”.and lulz @ everyone who thinks reality shows are real. They want you to think they are but only a moron would actually buy it. They are all actors, bad ones at that, and are so vapid and useless that they deserve all the snark that comes their way. Go Merritt!

  • Christi

    I find it hard to believe that Melissa can not remember the year she was in this pageant considering she was pregnant and gave birth 9 months later to her child…

    Melissa – do you remember the year your child was born?

  • Jules

    Guess this answers why Melissa is overprotective Mom of Maddie – guess she thinks her daughter will follow suit and get knocked up young. Time to give up that ‘good two shoes’ – I was raised proper attitude Melissa and give poor Maddie a break and trust her. Also is it me or does it seem like the cast (minus Connie) have all packed on some pounds….guess that’s why Melissa hasn’t mentioned anything else about modeling this season. And that new family – Deyanni – where did they dig that one up at…..her voice, laugh and appearance….ANNOYING!

  • Ya hooligans

    Jules, I think you are right! They all look a little rotund. Leslie still looks like a scrawny stick. Deyanni is SUPER annoying! How she DIDN’T get into trouble for slapping her daughter is beyond me. Connie… And coke? Details… Kailyn and Tyler sleeping together? Eeew

  • Brenda Spencer

    Melissa was in the Miss Texas pageant held in summer of 1990. I know this as I was also in that pageant (Miss Bluebonnet Trails), and she was in my group of girls who stayed in the same hotel and traveled everywhere together. This was the 1991 Miss Texas USA Pageant in which Miss North Harris County Christy Bogard won. Melissa was Miss Alief (I believe thats how you spell it). Her maiden name was Melissa Kuebler. I don’t understand the mystery, or her awkward behavior b/c there was nothing memorable about her appearance in the pageant. She did not make the top ten ( I didn’t either), and I can’t think of anything unusual occuring except for two contestants whom were disqualified early on in the 2 week pageant stay due to being caught sneaking their boyfriends into their hotel room, but she was not one of them. She was beautiful and classy as far as I remember.

  • grant

    Melissa is gorgeous I don’t doubt her one bit. She’s also done a great job with Maddie as a parent. Melissa needs a strong 6’3 military man lol

  • Lauren

    I knew the girl who won and I remember Melissa because they were friends. Sleuth all you want- you can’t change facts- don’t remember which city she was but she was Miss ……..The real question is why are you all acting like detectives from CSI over her life. Someone told me about this blog and I thought- how sad and boring their life must be to fill it up with other people instead. It’s one thing to watch a show but this investigative reporting is downright creepy!

  • loops08

    @Lauren, you criticize people for blogging here and then blog yourself…huh? Secondly, if Melissa didn’t want her life to be broadcast on TV, then DON’T GO ON TV! I don’t like the way that Leslie outed Melissa in front of her daughter, but it is what it is. Melissa should have been honest with her daughter to begin with. Melissa has only herself to blame. I think that Pam and Melissa are getting a taste of their own medicine and now we are seeing who is thinned skinned. Leslie has these ladies lined up like bowling pins and is knocking them of their high horses. I hope Pam is next. Go Leslie!

  • Kelly Martin

    Ummm HAS ANYONE done the math??? Maddie is 16 not 22 and its been 22 yrs since 1990?? So I agree its all fake.. AND DOES NOT ADD UP………………….Literlly…….

  • Lauren

    Not for blogging and commenting in the show- for having enough time to research Melissa and being in the pagent like she is a convicted criminal. When lots of great things happen in your life – you don’t remember the dates of every single one. It was over 20 years ago and I was at the pagent in San Antonio for two years in a row. I had to look it up. Our lives are full now and we don’t sit around reliving every moment from ’90 or ’91. It just feels like a trial and jury to me- that’s what I’m saying is overboard. Blog all you want but pinterest is lots of fun if you have nothing left to do but watch tapes from 20 years ago. Do you care THAT much? My point is get invested in your own life and watch tv for fun and entertainment.

  • MichelleM

    It seems pretty obvious that it was not Maddie she was pregnant with during the pageant, it was her son.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t understand the big deal about everything with Melissa. Melissa was obviously upset because she got pregnant out of wedlock, which back then was a HUGE deal… it’s an even bigger deal in the pageant world.

    Now, you want to know who I think is shady? Pam. There is something so shady and wrong about Pam that I can’t put my finger on right now. The only people I like on the show is Melissa and her daughter, Bonnie and Whitney and there are a couple of the daughters that I enjoy.

    Want to know a good story? How about the story about Hanna, Pam’s daughter, for getting in trouble with the law… drug charges, and false identification. THAT is a story.

  • erica

    Melissa is obviously a liar. She is a trouble maker on the show, which I think the reason is she is so dull, that is the only way she can get more airtime. It’s really sad that she does this to be seen more, she needs to be a better role model for a 15 year old daughter. And, if she didnt think her “secret” wouldn’t be aired she is an idiot. You are on national tv.

  • libby

    So what happened to the baby? It’s not Maddie unless she is really 22 years old.

  • Where the fuck is the baby then???!!!! you are such a fucking liar you probably lost and dont want ppl to know.

  • your all jealous of melissa! she was a pageant queen she was gorgeous and still is, which i highly doubt you’s are. you’s are all probably KEYBOARD hero’s that are FAT and UGLY. and she WAS DE-CROWNED so she probably wasn’t list because she was de-crowned, go a fucking brain,

  • Giselle

    Anywho, who really cares. Its her business and yall are all in it for something that supposedly happened 22 years ago. Who gives a f***. Apparently, It makes good TV whether its a lie or not. If it didn’t all of you (including me) wouldn’t be on this site commenting.

    Either way, I think Melissa and her daughter are gorgeous. Best of luck to them both!

  • Michael

    Good stuff man!… lol


    Obviously she’s a liar! As stated above, maddie is and will suffer from your scheming and lying! It’s a good thing I don’t live around you and your buddy Pam! You both need to disappear and let’s all pray that your kids end up better people than you! I would be ashamed of myself to conduct myself as you do and I would never have my precious children around your kind of friends! Maddie, I hope your dad gets a custody attorney and takes you! Before you end up like your mom and her bully sidekick Pam!

  • Renee

    Melissa this really has nothing to do with the article being I don’t care one way or the other if you won this pagent. It’s a pagent are you really accomplishing something by winning a pagent?? NO Now getting de-crowned because you were pregnant thus creating a scandal. That’s something to be proud of haha. At least the pagent world would then be interesting. I say this in a good way and in no way looking down on you. People get pregnant and you were an adult so I don’t see the problem with it anyway which brings me to my point: The way you reacted to and treated Kalyn during her pregnancy scare. You were extremely hypocritical Kalyn wasn’t “sleeping around” anymore than you were. She slept with one guy she had feelings for that hardly makes her a hoe, slut, or any other name you all called her. Truth be told Melissa you were in her exact situation once so everything your calling her you are also calling yourself. Being your an adult I thought you would of went to Kalyn to give her advice about what she was going through instead you attacked a child in order to try an seek vengeance against Leslie. That’s low and also shows your true character. You should be embarrassed and ashamed by your actions. Also Maddie hardly “counseled” Kalyn. Kalyn merely confided in her and Maddie was very mature about it, you should of been proud of her unless of course you think Maddie is too weak to handle it. But No instead you used their conversation as the reason for trying to get revenge on Leslie. Gosh I would be ashamed if I were you. You are one of the adults in the situation: START ACTING LIKE IT!!!

  • Haven’t y’all realized yet that the show is completely fake and scripted????? Take the most recent episode for instance…Bonnie goes to see her Dr to try to get clearance to fly…he pulls off the bandage on her nose and every shot of Bonnie’s face is blocked from the camera so we don’t see anything. If it was real why wouldn’t they show her nose? The didn’t show it because there is no swelling or any evidence of surgery because she didn’t have any surgery. The ‘scarring’ on her face is makeup. Nothing on the show is real….NOTHING. The one and only reason I watch the show is because it is so dang laughable. I don’t view the show as a reality show…I view it as a really bad comedy.

  • everyone, just breath in *breaths in* now breath out *breaths out*
    know just relax, like Giselle said its happened 22 years ago, now she’s much richer and im sure she has a better life now then she ever did so everyone just breath okay. 🙂

  • OMG! LMFAO! yous are all willy heads 😉

  • annie

    I dislike melissa’s character now that she is actually going out of her way to “end” leslie. Youre so classy and then you follow through with this nonsense? and girls will be girls! maddy went to a party- big deal! if you gut the chord and trusted her she wouldnt beed to sneak and lie. Youve done worse and i bet its because you were under thumb,too. And winning maddy back by giving her car back? yeah. Buy that child- thats a way to be.

    I gotta go find a thread to smack talk pam and connie now. Pam is insane and i agree- connie is on speeeeeeed!

  • Cheryl E

    I sure hope this Big Rich Tx show goes off air as I am a True Texan and we are nothing like these Trashy people! Money or not everyone are trash! You know who you are by thecompany you keep and I do not keep with these people! And for Woodhaven Club, just as much! Never would I even think about joining if these trashy people were really there!! You all give Texas a BAD name!!

  • Mirella

    I dont care what you all say I think Melissa is great and a very very good mom and Maddie is a vert bright girl so back off people and leave them alone, And that means you people that has nothing nice to say look at yourself first before you look at others..

    love ya’ll Melissa and Maddie you go girls

  • PoorShow

    This show is SO fake! 1,000,000 dollars that Leslie is NOT Kalyn’s god mom and just has her to film with. This show is called Big Rich Texas…. So far it seems that only one cast member has real money. The rest live in normal homes or an apartment in Dallas………. Whoever is writing this sucks and all of the people acting in it suck as well.

  • Gulay Ahmet

    Melissa is very is jealous & isn’t grateful for help that was given, instead she walked out the interview because others there we’re not good looking enough for People & made sure everyone knew that she was conned by Leslie. Not true, lying bitch Peo thought she was to good for the interview. She is so stupid she is plus size & started crying, pathetic. Diets are not jut to lose weight & worry about stupid woman. Health is reason to diet for life. You make yourself look even more pathetic than usual. Oh Crystal Poo is Melissa Peo she lied & is in shock cause a fortune teller gave chills.Stop being nasty peo or others will be nastier. So childish dancing in the street can’t wait to get off with the first man after two of her friends went there first moments earlier. Yuk poe that’s disgusting so she wouldn’t go to the bride to be outing at nice gardens cause you wanted to get drunk & kiss the face off the poor boy. Your not a lady that’s shows, so stop slagging off other’s dirty Poe.