If You Thought Art Conspiracy Was Too Cold, You’re In Luck — They’re Moving The Date

When Art Conspiracy was held at the Longhorn Ballroom, it snowed. When it was held in a vacant space off Singleton, heaters had to be rushed in last minute. Last year, when the annual art auction, concert, artsy get-together was held in an warehouse off West Commerce, we all stayed buttoned-up in our winter coats. The cold has become part of the setting for the event — artist’s hands aching, others gathering around glue guns to stay warm. But the cold days of Art Con are no more. This year organizers have opted to move the event into the fall, October 23, to be exact. That means planning will start soon. Watch your tweets and facebooks for the call for artists to go out this Thursday. Watch for the call for volunteers to go out Friday. And right now, you can buy your tickets.  More info and details can be found after the jump.

The Ransom Note
Greetings, Conspirators!
Welcome to Art Conspiracy Launch Week. There’s been a lot of Art Con activity as of late.
This week we’re in the process of spreading the news. On Thursday at noon we’ll issue the call for artists (details below)  and on Friday we’ll be putting out the call for volunteers. Once again, thank you to everyone who takes part in Art Conspiracy by giving us your time and attending our event. Also, a hat tip to Justin Terveen for letting us use your photos of last year’s event.

For the past few years it seems that chilly temperatures were as much of a part of Art Conspiracy as the stellar art, raucous live auctions and music from local bands. This year you can expect the same Art Conspiracy that you know and love, but this time you can leave your knit caps and woolly gloves at home since we’re moving the event from December to October.
Art Conspiracy 6, will be held on October 23rd at 511 West Commerce in Dallas. This year’s Art Conspiracy will be hosted by KXT-FM’s Paul Slavens, will feature live music from Ishi, Seryn and Dem Southernfolkz, dynamic stage design from Edward Ruiz and Courtney Miles and art from 120 area artists. 

“Art Conspiracy is a unlike any other event in Dallas. People from all parts of the community pool their talents to transform a warehouse into a temporary art gallery/concert venue,” said Erik Glissmann, Executive Director, Art Conspiracy. “Every year the format of the event is the same, but the music, art and feel of the event are different. We want to create a new experience for attendees every year.”

Money raised at Art Conspiracy event will be donated to Today Marks the Beginning, a non-profit organization that uses art to impact awareness of social issues and teach children about non-violence. Students participating in TMtB’s MasterPEACE: Young Artists Making a Kinder World classes will be contributing some artwork for auction during Art Conspiracy.
”We are honored to be Art Conspiracy’s 2010 beneficiary,” says Karen Blessen, co-founder of Today Marks the Beginning and Program Director of MasterPEACE. “The work that I see Art Con doing in our community leaves me feeling full of optimism. The world would be a better place with more and more Art Conspirators!”
This year, Art Conspiracy is once again partnering with Art&Seek, which brings coverage of North Texas arts and culture to KERA FM, KERA television, KXT 91.7 FM and to the web at atandseek.org. And just like last year, the Art&Seek team and volunteers will be on-site at Art Conspiracy, offering all co-conspirators the chance to quickly create a piece for the Art&Seek ConArtist Gallery.
“We believe engaging with creativity brings deep rewards. Art Conspiracy is a logical partner for us because we share the vision that creating art can also strengthen community,” says Art&Seek Director Anne Bothwell. “Artists have only 24 hours to create a piece for the Art Con auction. We invite everyone to stop by the ConArtist gallery to see what they can create in 24 minutes. Or 24 seconds.”

Since 2005, Art Conspiracy has raised over $70,000 for groups including
Resolana, a group that provides rehabilitative arts programming for women in the Dallas County Jail
Preservation LINK, an organization that teaches audio and visual media to students in South Dallas and Fair Park
La Reunion TX, an artist residency in the making in Dallas
St. Anthony Community Center, a center that offers visual art, music and dance to more than 800 children in South Dallas.
Art Conspiracy is street level philanthropy. Members of the creative community in North Texas pool their talents to create bi-annual fundraising events that support other nonprofit arts programs. Art Conspiracy events are designed to be affordable and offer everyone a chance to purchase original artwork at a reasonable level. Art Conspiracy is a 501c3 organization with IRS nonprofit status (so your donations are tax deductible!) More information is available at www.artconspiracy.org
So once again, here are the details….
Art Conspiracy Details:
Date: 7:00 p.m., Saturday, October 23
Location: 511 W. Commerce, Dallas, TX 75208
Participants: 150 Dallas Artists, 3 Bands
Admission: $10, opening bid for art is $20
Benefiting: Today Marks the Beginning
Wanna skip the line?
This year we’re partering with Prekindle again so you can buy your Art Conspiracy ticket online and avoid the wait. If you buy online, all you have to do is bring your photo ID, show it at the door and *shazam* you’re in.
You can buy tickets here: https://secure.prekindle.com/promo/id/20981892446741067
Call for Artists Info…Introducing the Art Con Twitter Feed
The official Call for Artists will go out Thursday, Sept. 16th at high noon. Go to our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/artcondallas or watch our Facebook page www.facebook.com/art.conspiracy
for more details.
If you’re keen on taking part, our installation day is on Friday, Oct. 22 and you’ll be required to make your piece on site. You’ll need to have a one sentence bio in order to sign up too.
We have room for 120 artists and the spots are first come, first served so please mark your calendars and set your watches.
Volunteers, oh how we love you volunteers…
On Friday we’re putting out the call for volunteers. There’s all sorts of stuff we need help with – running the door, serving drinks, checking out auction winners (no, not like that…), etc. Please Go to our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/artcondallas or watch our Facebook page www.facebook.com/art.conspiracy for more details.