San Juan, Puerto Rico

When I Went: May 2012

Was That the Best Time of Year to Go? I believe so, because it’s wonderful to spend a Memorial Day weekend on a tropical island like this. And the weather was perfect: warm but not hot, and breezy but not cold.

Why I Went There: We had wanted an island vacation but didn’t have time to take a two-week trip to Hawaii. More than one friend had mentioned Puerto Rico as a great place to get away with nice beaches and without the nine-hour flight.

Who Went With Me? Myself and Joe

We Stayed Here: Friday to Monday at Sheraton Hotel and Casino and Monday to Thursday at the Ritz-Carlton

You Won’t Want to Miss: The day trip to boat and snorkel was well worth the time and relatively inexpensive for the fun and beauty of taking a nice relaxing boat ride in the picturesque waters.

Eat Here: Metropol is a nice place with many things on the menu. Plato’s, however, just a couple blocks from the Ritz, was a very nice place: great food, incredible service, and a coconut sangria, which is a must have!

Play Here: Ritz-Carlton pool or beach or the beach/patio at the Atlantic Beach Hotel with its great views.

If I Went Again: Stay in one hotel for the duration of the trip. More likely the Ritz-Carlton than the Sheraton–it wasn’t close to anything in walking distance.

How Did You Get There From Dallas? American Airlines to Miami into San Juan on the trip there. A direct flight back from San Juan to DFW.

Other Tips For Fellow Travelers: It’s a great getaway from Dallas, only four-hour flight time. And relatively affordable, wonderful beaches and hotels. Great, friendly people, too.


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