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5 Best Solar Energy Companies of 2022

We compiled reviews on the top companies in this handy list because choosing the best solar energy company is a big deal.
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Courtesy of Solar Pros

The rise of solar energy popularity and why so many people nowadays are interested in investing in solar panels makes total sense. This industry has started to expand with the light of the speed to deliver long-term energy solutions, both environmentally friendly and with reasonable prices in the long run.

Choosing the best solar energy company is a big deal, and it may require you much more knowledge and investigation. That’s why we have created this article. We will provide you with both the best solar companies on the market, tips on choosing which one to collaborate with, and answers to all your questions about the usage of solar energy.

List Of Top 5 Best Solar Companies [2022 Updated]

  1. SunPower – Overall Best Solar Energy System
  2. Vivint Solar – Premium Services For Residential Solar Energy Systems
  3. Sunpro Solar – Most Affordable Solar Power Systems
  4. Tesla – Most Efficient Solar Panel On The Market
  5. Sunrun – Best For Customized Solar Energy Systems

#1. SunPower – Overall Best Solar Energy System

Courtesy of Solar Pros

Brand Overview

SunPower is among the veterans in the solar industry; it has existed since 1985, seeking to give customers a safe and dependable experience. The manufacturer and installer, located in San Jose, provides service in every state. SunPower has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is higher than the industry average.

SunPower solar panels offer the highest efficiency on the market at this moment, tolerating partial shadow the best, and come with a 25-year replacement product guarantee. SunPower panels are also corrosion-resistant, making them appropriate for installation all around Australia.


  • Affordable maintenance cost
  • 25-year warranty
  • Efficiency rate between 16.5% and 22.8%


  • More expensive if you pay the whole price upfront

Product Range

SunPower offers four different types of solar panels to choose from. The A-series is SunPower’s flagship panel, using the latest Maxeon Gen solar cells and the world’s first-watt panels, giving up to 22,7% efficiency and 370 watts of power. These panels are ideal for tasks with limited areas.

The E series is a fantastic all-around solar panel that has inbuilt Maxeon solar cells that give up to 20% and are available in 320, 327, or 435-watt panels. P Series is designed for big commercial applications with up to 19 percent efficiency and a variety of panels from 380 to 400 watts.

Best Features

The initial solar panel that was produced was only 6% efficient, which means that only approximately 6% of the energy striking the panel was transformed into something useful, alternating the current AC power. Even today, the most efficient solar panels on the market convert only approximately 40% of the energy they receive.

The overall rating is significantly higher than more conventional panels available on the market, offering a number of advantages.

  • Lower Total Expenses

Because high-efficiency solar panels produce more electricity, the number of panels you need in your house is decreased, resulting in much lower total costs.

  • More Power For Less Space

High-efficiency panels work in a similar way. They provide greater energy potential with less area. This means that homes with limited roof space can still benefit from choosing SunPower solar panels.

  • Environment Friendly

High-efficiency panels not only give you more bang for your buck, but they also help you reduce your environmental impact. Fewer panels require freer materials, lowering the amount of energy and trash generated by your SunPower system.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The fact that the entire solar energy project is covered by the same 25-year guarantee is a key advantage of SunPower’s comprehensive system. This extended warranty covers any faults in product performance, craftsmanship, or defect for a period of 25 years and includes free repairs for any flaws in product performance, workshop, or defects.

SunPower’s warranty is one of the finest, if not the best in the industry, and represents the company’s success in achieving its primary aim of providing consumers with a safe and dependable experience.

Customers Experience

SunPower is a reliable solar energy provider with a strong technology portfolio and a simple, straightforward methodology. For households interested in solar panels, customers believe SunPower is a good option. The solar energy firm provides its clients with an exceptional and complete array of solar products and services, including cutting-edge solar panels and cells backed by one of the industry’s finest warranties.

#2. Vivint Solar  – Premium Services For Residential Solar Energy Systems

Courtesy of Solar Pros

Brand Overview

Vivint Solar has one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use installation procedures, coming with four purchase options. Vivint Solar makes the process of purchasing or leasing solar panels simple for customers.

Vivint Solar is committed to providing customers with more affordable and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional electricity. With long-term contracts that provide recurrent, predictable payments, the brand allows clients to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy with little to no upfront fees. Also, Vivint Solar strives to deliver the best service on the market, using technology that allows clients to control their energy in the future.


  • No upfront fees or additional maintenance charges
  • Installation process within a day
  • Solar generator system and solar roofing system
  • Purchase agreement of 20 years


  • You have to sign up for an auto-pay to get a monthly invoice

Product Range

If you are looking for a company that has the most extensive range of solar systems on the market, Vivint Solar can install panels on any type of roof, including asphalt, tile, inclined and flat roofs. These solar energy panels are professionally assessed by the brand’s technicians that can give you advice on where the panels should be placed.

Vivint Solar offers complete solar systems for homes, including inverters and panels. Each system is personalized to match your property with no additional cost. They have low-profile solar panels which are resistant to the elements while still appearing stylish on your roof.

They also offer and install solar energy storage and 240-volt electric charges for your home. The Vivint Solar Energy app can track your daily energy production and consumption.

This is one of the most readily available installers in the solar industry. The solar installation service is presently available in all 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C, and the Virgin Islands. Vivint Solar expanded its state availability allowing a large number of individuals to benefit from solar power and sustainable energy with their products.

Best Features

Installing a solar system in your home doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank account either. The cost of a Vivint Solar varies depending on where you live. Your solar plant, net metering, location, solar incentives, and if you finalize your system – the credit score will all influence the cost of the solar panels. However, this will allow you to obtain a quotation from Vivint Solar and get discounts.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Vivint Solar is the fact that they offer purchase agreements and solar leases as finance alternatives. Vivint doesn’t impose monthly fees if you buy your solar energy system upfront.

They will also install your solar system on your roof instead of paying your local utility. Vivint uses a five-step installation procedure and takes all parts of your new solar energy system, including permits and inspections. Vivint makes solar panels inexpensive and accessible to a wide range of homes through four different purchase schemes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you buy or lease a solar energy system from Vivint, you can get a 10-year warranty on all workmanship. 25-year linear performance warranty, which means that the company will replace them if they don’t produce as much energy as they should.

The inverter comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. A 20-year warranty on energy prices is included in the power purchase agreement PPA, ensuring that you pay Vivint for a much lower price for electricity than the local utility.

Customers Experience

Overall user rating on Vivint Solar company is impressively high. Users claim that they have impeccable customer service and technicians for their professionalism in the installation and maintenance of the panels.

Users claim that their energy bills have significantly dropped by half since they got Vivint Solar panels. Also, they have overall very appealing looks, having an option to paint them to match your house.

#3. Sunpro Solar – Most Affordable Solar Power Systems

Courtesy of Solar Pros

Brand Overview

Since 2008, Sunpro Solar has had a strong presence in the solar market in the sunny South East with a service area that spans largely 21 states. Sunpro Solar sells exclusively renewable energy systems rather than leasing solar panels. Also, they provide high-quality storage solutions.

Sunpro Solar provides homeowners with access to renewable and sustainable energy, allowing them to minimize their carbon footprint and electric cost. Sunpro Solar offers households inexpensive solar energy and battery storage options. Sunpro Solar’s solutions for households are built on the principles of maximum savings and energy independence.


  • Monitoring through Enphase MyEnlighten
  • Protected installation with 25-year power solar production guarantee
  • Three financial options
  • Brand won several awards in its domain
  • Excellent customer care service
  • Large service area


  • No lease options

Product Range

The ideal products for your house will be determined by your energy demands; however Sunpro Solar offers some of the top solar panels and backup battery solutions available. Sunpro Solar PV projects are generally uplifted with LG and Panasonic goods, which are recognized for producing high-quality, long-lasting products at a reasonable price.

They offer Tesla Powerwall 2 and the Enphase Encharge 10 are two of the greatest solar battery solutions on the market, which are also available from Sunpro Solar. Despite the fact that Sunpro Solar sells a variety of panels and storage systems, the brand selected products that are compatible with one another. The LG panels in their range are a most well-known product that is able to operate well with almost every solar setup.

Tesla’s Powerwall is the new type of energy storage. It is commonly regarded as the industry’s; best solar backup battery technology. Sunpro Solar installs the Tesla Powerwall 2, which has a 10-year guarantee, detects grid failures in a fraction of a second, and restores electricity in your house 100 times quicker than a standard generator.

Best Features

All Sunpro Solar solutions come with certification from LG, Enphase, and Tesla, resulting in earning complete trust in the industry being one of the top solar panel manufacturers. The company works with specialists that will previously come to your home to evaluate your home energy needs and answer any question you might be having about solar power.

They will be able to tell you about all the incentive programs in your area and how to increase the affordability of switching to solar. Also, the company covers the entire installation process, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with outside parties.

The brand gives you a guarantee your system will perform as estimated. It offers the best results on the back of that. Also, it comes with one of the most convenient warranties and customer service, which altogether makes it the best choice.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike most solar companies that only offer 10-year warranties, Sunpro Solar provides you a comprehensive 25-year guarantee that the solar system will produce its esteemed levels, even decades after you purchase it.

  • A labor guarantee to ensure that you will get your solar panels installed professionally without causing any harm to you and your property or any other equipment.
  • The solar energy system will produce the quantity of electricity specified in your original solar proposal if you have a power production guarantee.
  • A panel modulates ensures that your solar panels continue to work.
  • Flawless operation of your microinverter system if you use an Enphase microinverter.

Customers Experience

Sunpro Solar has been recognized as the most prominent participant in the solar sector by both the solar industry and business circles. Sunpro Solar has rated 372 places on Inc Magazine’s annual 5000 lists, the most prestigious rating magazine in the nation’s fastest-growing brands in August 2020.

#4. Tesla – Most Efficient Solar Panel On The Market

Courtesy of Solar Pros

Brand Overview

Tesla makes and installs its solar panels for clients all around the country. To construct an everlasting solar system, Tesla’s low-profile panels with no visible solar cells integrate with your roof’s present architecture. If you are interested in Tesla solar panels, you can get a quotation in under a minute using your home address and typical monthly power cost.

Tesla’s Powerwlall battery in addition to solar panels provides you with a solar storage alternative. The Solar Roof, which replaces your present roof with solar-generating tiles, is an ideal alternative to solar panels for clients interested in cutting-edge technology.


  • Purchase with a one-time payment equal to its full price
  • Excellent customer care service
  • Free evaluation
  • Variety of financing options
  • 25 year of warranty


  • Limited availability

Product Range

Tesla has designed sophisticated solar panels for households that want to make the most of renewable energy. The brand is very open about its solar panel options, leading customers, providing customers complete satisfaction without compromising on the design, capabilities, and estimated cost of a system on the company’s website.

Both of the solar shingles and solar panels are made of Tesla’s Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York, using Panasonic’s high-efficiency solar cells. They are among the most efficient on the market. Depending on the market availability, they also provide other standard quality panels, so you will have to inquire what is available in your region when you contact them.

It has the capacity to store 13.5 kWh of power. The newest models also have larger power output, allowing them to power more devices simultaneously. They have an internal inverter and rectifier that convert AC to DC.

Best Features

Tesla’s solar panels come with a sleek appearance that will compliment your overall house image. They have open pricing and a detailed website to make them an excellent alternative to those that wish to learn more about solar panels, without the assistance of a salesperson.

To help its customers estimate the cost of the installation, Tesla offers a cost calculator based on your location and average monthly bill, so you can get an idea of how much the Tesla system will cost. Also, the company has several payment options, including purchasing loans in cash.

Among other solar products, Tesla offers energy storage and an alternative solar power generator with battery backup, which allows customers to store the excess energy from their solar panels with the Powerwall solar battery. The Powerwall collects energy for you to use it during the night.

Tesla’s solar roof replaces your current roof with solar tile shingles. They are mini solar panels that function to harness sunlight and produce electricity for your home.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Tesla Powerwall comes with a 10-year warranty that guarantees the battery will retain at least 70% of its claimed storage capacity beyond that time which is the equivalent to 9.45 kWh. The Powerwall warranty does not have cycle restrictions when used only for solar self-consumption and backup during the warranty term.

The guarantee also covers a battery of 37.8-megawatt-hours when the Powerwall is utilized for purposes other than solar self-consumption and backup. In other words, the battery’s warranty expires once it has been stored and delivered a total of 37.800 kWh.

Customers Experience

If you are searching for a solar panel company that has both transparent pricing information and modern design, Tesla is the right option for use. The solar power range has solid variety, coming with a third-party installer and great warranty specifications.

#5. Sunrun – Best For Customized Solar Energy Systems

Courtesy of Solar Pros

Brand Overview

Sunrun has one of the largest selections of solar products. They provide virtual consultation to determine the best solar solution for you. Also, they construct a custom design that is tailored to your property. Even if they evaluate higher initial costs, the lifetime warranty is particularly appealing and makes a wonderful long-term investment.

Sunrun is available for purchase by investors. However, they are currently at a premium price. Users can study Sunrun’s impact report and make their own decisions. The monthly plan is now one of their best and most convenient offers since it requires no upfront purchase and contains all of the benefits such as complete service, warranty rate, rise protection, and more.


  • Free online quotation
  • 24-hour telephone customer service available
  • No upfront fees
  • Free maintenance costs
  • Installation process within 2-5 days
  • Solar Generator and Solar Roofing Systems
  • 20 years satisfaction guarantee


  • Customer service is sometimes unavailable

Product Range

Sunrun’s main focus is exclusively on residential systems, installation of solar panels, and energy storage. As a resident rooftop solar company, Sunrun also installs energy storage.

For years they sub-contracted out all installations, focusing exclusively on selling their solar leases and PPs. They have a team of installer employers throughout their service territory.

Sunrun also installs an energy storage system to pair with their solar installation. Adding a battery to your solar installation has two key benefits: backup power and shifting energy.

When the grid goes down, you’ll still be able to power key appliances in your home. That’s the meaning of backup power. Shifting energy means that if you use on-time-rate or something similar to your utility, the batteries will allow you to save some of the solar energy. You should use it when the utility electricity is the most expensive – usually around 5 PM to 8 PM.

Best Features

There are multiple ways to pay for a solar system at Sunrun, with options to be able to go for even $0 down with their variety of monthly leases. Solas Lease is one of their best options. Even though more homeowners go for cash or loan purchases. Sunrun believes that financing with a solar lease can save you between 10 % and 40% on your power expenditures.

The brand also has Prepaid Solar Lease, which allows clients to pay their solar lease in full at the start of the term. This is similar to paying cash; you will likely save less and will not get any tax breaks.

Since the average cost of the solar energy system ranges anywhere from $15,000 to $29,000, Sunrun has accustomed its prices to be reliable for almost every consumer. You can get a free evaluation and question by filling out a form on their website. The brand also partners with Costco to make solar panels available at lower prices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Sunrun solar panels include a “worry-free” warranty that covers equipment repairs and replacement, as well as parts and labor. Roof warranties are also included with Sunrun installation to ensure that any roof penetrations remain watertight for a period of ten years.

All maintenance costs are covered when you lease a solar energy system from Sunrun. If you buy a Sunrun system, you will be responsible for all the maintenance and repairs that are not covered under guarantee.

Customers Experience

Sunrun has one of the greatest deals if you compare it to the traditional way of using the power from any other utility. Users get the advantage of saving typically between 20% to 60%. Positive reviews praise the company’s speed and ease of installation, with immediate energy-saving and little to no maintenance or further support needed.

Tips To Choose The Best Solar Companies

One of the best moves you can make is to shift from conventional to solar energy. But first, you should be informed of all the advantages of solar energy for both personal and business use.

The second important concern is how to select the most appropriate solar energy for your requirements. Finding the best solar company is crucial in this process, and these are the most clever tips you should follow.

Take Many Options Into Consideration

Whenever you are making a purchase, no matter what it is, it’s always beneficial to have alternatives. It’s essential to look at several companies and make a selection based on a variety of factors, including the company’s location and warranty. Comparing and contrasting the services and prices of the multiple questions will help you make the right decision.

Finding a competent brand that actually cares about the customers rather than just making money from sales is also crucial. Suppose two or more vendors advertise that your property is not suitable for solar panels because of inadequate lighting, while another brand is eager about making the sale. In that case, it’s more convenient to trust the majority to avoid using the company to make their profit.

Do Not Rely On Price Comparison Sites

There are tons of price-comparison websites that rank solar providers depending on their cost. However, relying only on such sites is not the greatest option. Price comparison websites do not take into consideration factors like services, warranties, maintenance periods, corporate knowledge, and so on.

One brand may provide you with a cheaper installation program but give you no warranty on it, whilst another company may be somewhat more expensive but have a large portfolio of successful installations. As a result, the ideal method is not to use such sites as a single source of information and base your judgment only on their knowledge.

Choose Companies With Experience

You have probably come across a number of solar companies in your neighborhood. There are several advantages to working with a local solar company that has years of experience in the solar power industry.

The brands that have much more experience and knowledge in the field will provide you with a customized solution for your property. Also, this ensures you that the company will continue to operate if you need them in the future.

Take Reviews And Testimonials

Nowadays, almost every company listed on sites like Google Business and Yelps contains all of the client’s evaluations and testimonials as well as their experience with the organizations. These testimonials and reviews might assist you in making a more informed selection.

It is crucial to be cautious while reading these comments since some businesses may pay for fake reviews. If you believe that the rating is too good to be true, then they probably are, and you should cancel your order.

FAQs Regarding Solar Companies

Q. What Does Solar Energy Mean, And How Does It Work?

The most simple explanation for solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun that reaches the Earth and powers it. Light, heat, and as of today, solar electricity are all made up of these energetic particles, also known as photons.

With the help of solar thermal collectors, several organizations have worked out how to convert this energy and transform it into something that we can use every day. The sunlight absorbed by roof panels is converted into electricity and supplies energy to run your house appliances.

Even though solar energy is not widely used, more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits and making use of it. Solar energy is now one of the fastest-growing and most inexpensive sources of energy, and it is expected to continue developing.

Q. Why Should I Choose The Solar Option?

With the escalating cost of power, choosing a solar option makes sense. If you have a high power bill and reside in a sunny area, installing solar panels might save you money in the long term. Some of the largest solar panel manufacturers are based in California and Arizona.

The typical price range of the solar power systems is between $15,000 to $25,000, with the option of leasing or paying on a monthly basis. Furthermore, you might take advantage of government incentives such as the federal tax credit, promising to pay 22% of installation expenses if completed before the end of the year.

Q. How To Check If My Home Is Suitable For Solar Panels?

You can determine through various ways whether your home is suitable for solar panel installation. To get an estimation, you can go straight to a solar panel installation company. This normally requires entering their address and other information online or getting an evaluation from a representative.

The second option is to use the Google program called Project Sunroof. You can find out how much direct sunlight of your property is received each year and how many square feet are accessible for solar panel tiles by putting your solar location in the search field.

Q. How Are The Best Solar Panels Made?

Usually, they are produced in China and South Korea as one of the top manufacturers. These counties have become the world’s leading producers of solar panels. However, several of the world-leading solar panel producers are based in the United States.


These reviews can be of great help for a lot of potential clients when searching through the best solar companies on the market. However, you should carefully read through each of our brand evaluations and find the most appealing and convenient option for you.

Generally speaking, these solar panels are the most straightforward way to make your home much more long-lasting. If you trust us, then our recommendation is to go for SunPower since they rely on the  “Beneficial by Design ” philosophy. Not only that, but they also have an award-winning history for sustainable manufacturing.

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