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The Search for Dallas' Best Live Music

A Night of Live Music Like No Other

On any given day of the year, a man with your taste is never short on evening activities. After serving yourself a fine, but elegantly dirty martini and relaxing to Miles Davis (Vol 1.), you get an itch for some live music. Jazz is on your mind at the moment, but any manner of impassioned performance that brings life to the stage will suit the evening. Where to begin?

7:00 pm

Getting Started

It’s 7:00 and while martinis can certainly make a case for sustaining a man through the evening, you need something of more substantive value to ensure your energy levels match the fire by which the evening will be lit. Fortunately for you, the House of Blues is hosting the Jazzmasters Lounge in the foundation room. The cocktails continue alongside global cuisine and live jazz from some of Dallas’ best.

8:41 pm

Moving On

Now satiated, it’s time to see what else is out there. Not too far away is the Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge. It’s another flavor of live music tonight but equally pleasant and invigorating. Owned and operated by a local rock veteran, the Free Man is sure to delight. After a drink or two and some fraternizing, you check the time. Half past 10 and still inspired, you arrange a ride to your next spot. A man sophisticated enough to where a timepiece like yours, Raymond Weil’s Freelancer, is smart enough to know that safety is a genuine necessity.

9:15 pm

Next Up

Next up is the subtle, yet evocative Sandaga 813. Just off Exposition, Sandaga 813 has patio for chilling and more music for enjoying. But it’s not your last stop. You’re circumnavigating the interior of Dallas and the path now heads east to the Balcony Club in Lakewood. The iconic neighborhood favorite boasts a distinctive insider’s feel where locals enjoy a comforting respite.

10:37 pm

Winding Down

RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer Chronograph 7731


And before you settle in for some rest, you manage to catch a late-night bite at Terilli’s on Greenville. Under the open sky atop Terilli’s you bid farewell to a night well done. And as you look down at the time, the soft, calf leather of your watch brings thoughts peace and solace and the tells you it’s time for bed. You did good work. Sleep proud.