I’m Dead: Designer Daniel Mofor’s Kids Killed Me with Cuteness

The founder of Don Morphy Privé Clothiers brought his boys along for one incredible fashion shoot.

Last May, I wrote about Daniel Mofor, a former Wal-Mart employee and current founder of a custom suiting operation called Don Morphy Privé Clothiers. He moved to Dallas early last year and quickly built up an impressive clientele (Dwight Howard, Emmitt Smith, Tyson Chandler—the list goes on).

For our November issue, I enlisted our fabulous staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin to photograph Mofor. My two pre-shoot suggestions: One, play into the 1930s style of his suits and, two, make sure he brings his ridiculously adorable children, who probably have a better wardrobe than most men in this city.

Lavin ended up shooting in-studio for a noir effect and then at Fair Park. The resulting roll of film—or whatever you call it with fancy digital cameras—was unsurprisingly awesome, which made it near impossible to choose just three for the magazine. Thank God for the internet and clickable photo galleries, that more of these pics may be seen by the masses. Enjoy.


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