Good Hair On the Go Giveaway: Drybar Travel Kit

Win this kit with everything you need for a DIY blowout on the road.

Drybar-kitThere are a lot of false rumors about Dallas. We don’t ride horses to work. We don’t all own cowboy boots. We don’t each have a boob job. Sorry. Many of us enjoy a pair of worn leather booties as much as we do a pair of dazzling, mile-high pumps. But there’s something to the hair talk.

Truth is, Dallas girls like their volume. ShopTalk’s purse spills confirm it. Texturing spray in Merritt Beck’s bag, hairspray in Kendie Skeen’s bag, and a teasing comb in Rory Ashton’s bag. Perfect to add to the travel bag: Drybar’s Small Box Big Hair kit.

It’s got a mini, original formula shampoo and conditioner, the Southern Belle volumizing mousse, and a can of Money Maker hairspray. All for your own DIY blowout on the go. Everything’s TSA size-approved.

Enter here to win.

If you’re not interested in doing it yourself, head into one of the three Dallas salon locations. They also do lovely braids.


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