Most Wanted: Truffle Pouch, Abi Ferrin’s Gwyneth Cover, and a Tony Barsotti Pistol Lamp

photography courtesy of retailers
photography courtesy of retailers

1. Abi Ferrin’s Gwyneth Cover dress, now conveniently on sale. Chic over a swimsuit, sure, but  hot as a kimono-style dress with heels.

2. The Petite Clarity Truffle bag, inspired by A Piece of Toast’s Molly Miller. I’ve only had mine, courtesy of Truffle, since Friday, but I already know I’ll be picking up the Classic size for my next vacay. (Bonus: they’re good gift material!)

3. A new Mason Pearson hairbrush. The cult-favored brush is worth every penny of its dear price tag. (It ranges from $100 to $150.) It gently detangles, smooths, and styles. Sold at The Songbird Society and Nordstrom.

4. LAFCO New York’s Boudoir room candle with myrrh resin and cassis. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a little something from my favorite apothecary in Highland Park Village, and this sultry combo is a nice departure from summer’s sweet beachy scents.

5. Dallas-based Tony Barsotti’s LED Pistol Lamp. I’ve wanted this bad boy since Laura wrote about him in November. I t’s time to bite the bullet (ha) and snap one up.