Vicki Tollemache’s 5 Favorite Things

Next up during our week of Dallas style makers and their favorite things, Vicki Tollemache, a user research consultant at Usability Sciences and former owner of The Shining jewelry boutique, now closed. Tollemache cultivated the coolest collection (Erica Weiner, Bloodmilk, Flotsam and Jetsam, etc.) of hard-to-find–and slightly strange–pieces, so although she shut the doors to one of my favorite shops in town, I can’t cut the cord. Instead, I keep tabs on her through Instagram and Facebook and places I bump into her from time to time. Her store, dark and whimsical, was naturally inspired by her own taste, and I love seeing what she’s wearing. Her tip: “Since my store closed, I like to shop at Elements on Lovers Lane for jewelry. They carry a lot of the lines The Shining once did. Stevie, the shopgirl there, just ordered me a great Elizabeth Knight piece.” Now, a few more of her current favorite things.

photography from top left: courtesy of Tollemache, paperblog, Vivienne Westwood,,, and Rosebud Perfume Co.

(1) Cocktail: “I go to the Inwood Lounge from time to time because some of my friends do a record night there once a month, Vinyl Fantasy, and they make a great lychee martini.”
(2) Shoe: “Always Vivienne Westwood shoes, currently Seditionary boots in Khaki.”
(3) Lip color: “Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Love that stuff. I usually do a pretty nude lip because I wear so much eye makeup.” (Her favorite liquid liner: Tarte’s multiplEYE)
(4) Workout: “I play soccer at a variety of places here in Dallas.”
(5) Spring thing: “I hate spring trends (I associate pastels with Spring). Instead I am patiently waiting for this fall, specifically all the eyes at Kenzo.”

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