Kristie Ramirez’s 5 Favorite Things

Kristie Ramirez, writer-at-large for Texas Monthly, is serious style inspiration. She’s got this one part low-key Texas girl, one part fashion veteran vibe that always leaves her looking like the coolest girl in the room. I bump into her often at cocktail parties, and I’m always left wondering, do I look that effortlessly chic in a slouchy tee, pants, and killer stilettos? But I know the answer. Not so much. Girl’s got natural sartorial prowess that leaves much to be envied. (Along with her head full of thick, glossy curls.) We can, however, do a little copycatting. You can live vicariously through Ramirez’s artsy Texas sojourns on her blog, Texas Style & Substance, and pick up a few of her must-haves. Here are a few of her favorite things this moment:

Kristie Ramirez's 5 Favorites
photography (from top left): courtesy of Kristie Ramirez, Sophia Webster, Koch, Tom Ford, Beyond Pedaling

(1) Cocktail: “Tito’s Vodka on the rocks”
(2) Shoe: “My Sophia Websters from V.O.D.
(3) Lip color: “Tom Ford’s Flamingo, an almost neon pink”
(4) Workout: “John Terlingo’s spin class at Beyond Pedaling three times a week”
(5) Spring thing: “I just stick to Isabel Marant, Koch, and silk button-downs, and I’m good.”

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