On My Love List: Le Métier de Beauté & Ken Downing Fragrance Necklace

Le Metier de Beaute and Ken Downing Pampille de Seduction necklace
photography courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Le Metier de Beaute and Ken Downing Pampille de Seduction necklaceLe Metiér de Beauté and Ken Downing are, like, besties. The high end beauty line, which is sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus, partners with Neiman’s head honcho on limited edition items (like nail polish and lip stick colors) and is now re-touting their holiday edition Pampille de Seduction fragrance necklace for Valentine’s Day. So, what’s a fragrance necklace? Exactly what you think: a piece of jewelry literally infused with scent. But not just any jewelry, naturally. This baby is 24-karat gold with hand-cut carnelian stones. Scents are a mix of the following (because PR people always say it best):

Gardénia: Playful and sweet, this classic fragrance projects hints of orange blosson and jasmine.
Orchidé: Spicy seduction, this fresh aroma captures the deepest scent released by the orchid just after sunset.
Ambre: Warm, exotic and sensual. Earthy wood notes mixed with deep, sweet tones give this scent vintage charm.

Only $4,500.