Sad News. Barney’s New York in NorthPark Center is Closing

Nooooo. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Barney’s New York (the only Texas outpost of the New York-based luxury retailer, besides a Co-Op in Austin) is closing its NorthPark Center store. I just experienced the full range of human emotions in about 2.5 seconds—sadness (because it’s such a beautiful place), rage (where else am I supposed to buy my REN moisturizer/drool over an very specific selection of clothes I’ll never own), and then a twisted sort of hope (is there a huge sale in our future?).

This is the second time Barney’s has departed our fair city. Again: sad.


  • Sarah

    Despite our sadness, this is, after all, a Neiman’s town.

  • Leslie

    Any idea when it will officially close??

  • pedro527

    Suprised it lasted as long as it did…it was always dead even when the mall was busy…Sarah’s got it right…

  • Me

    Dallas did not support a Bloomingdale’s either

  • RandomRyan

    April 2013, according to Dallas Biz Journal.

  • Courtney

    Oh darn. I’ll have to find some other place to buy $5000 dresses and $300 candles. Such a bargain. I’m going to go drown myself in Dom.

  • Hoha

    Unfortunately BNY is too stylish for Dallas– now we’re stuck with NMs crap– Tory burch, theory and every memaw clothing line. Dallas women are the only ones who think they look good – probably because they are clones of one another. A true loss to real fashion in Dallas!

  • Raya Ramsey

    My two cents: If you don’t like Barneys, don’t shop there. A staff of 40-or-so employees have just lost their jobs. Regardless of your department store predilection, a store that’s considered a staple of luxury shopping closing in Dallas is not good news.

  • This is indeed a huge blow to Dallas. Barneys was one of the most unique, interesting, well curated places to shop in our city. It will be greatly missed!

  • HOHO

    I work there and we were actually informed in person and was handled very professionally. I can say while it’s sad to see the store go, the move was not totally unexpected. It has been a struggle ever since the 2008 “recession” we never really recovered. We opened in 2006 and that year and ’07 were great years for us. In 2008 when the stock market crashed and 700,000 people a month were losing their jobs, it was an uphill battle that we never won. Sucks to be one of the “unemployed” – but we did get six months notice which is way better then what a lot of people get when they get laid off. UGH

  • HOHO

    I’d like to thank Raya for her comment about the employees and not so much the store. There are a lot of people who were just working to support the family and they are the real losers here. The stress and anxiety are at a high level when you lose your job.

  • Edward

    It’s always a disappointment when a unique store closes. I’m still upset that Bloomingdales didn’t make it, but if it had been located at NorthPark I think it would have survived.

    There are probably some things that Barney’s could have done differently, but it appears that there may have been more things at play here other than just low sales for a particular store.

    It will be interesting to see how the mall deals with the space. I would hate to see that great entrance architecture removed on the exterior of the upper level, but I’m guessing that will happen. Maybe some wealthy Dallas fashion plate could find a way to have it installed at the entrance of their home? Or move it to the Rachofsky/DMA house? A Dallas art installation recognizing shopping?

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  • Lisa

    Ken Foret and his staff made it all about them… had they focused on customer service they would still be open.

    I’m over NY stores opening in Dallas and expecting local staff (from Neiman’s and JC Penney) to understand and deliver the brand experience.