A Little Chit Chat with Bobbi Brown: On Dallas Women, Her Newest Book, and “Very, Very Black Mascara”

As you may have heard Bobbi Brown was in town this week, blessing beauty lovers with her words of wisdom and signing her new book, Pretty Powerful. I’ve been a fan of Bobbi Brown and her love-what’s-good and don’t-hate-on-what’s-bad approach to makeup since my mom bought me my first beauty book, Bobbi’s Teenage Beauty. So when the opportunity to interview the beauty sage, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three, of course, I was so in. Joslyn and I tag teamed the chit chat and took away some interesting factoids. My favorite tidbits below.

Bobbi doesn’t think Dallas gals are too gaudy.
“In the 20 years that I’ve had the company, it has really toned down a lot. A lot of Dallas women look like they can be in New York. They’re really kind of simple and paired down.”

On her new book, Pretty Powerful, and its message to beautify based on your personality:
“Makeup needs to fit your style. Some women look great in an atomic orange lipstick that I had out there that was for a moment, and they want that as their everyday lipstick.”

On her newish BB cream:
“BB creams are for textured and oilier skin.” (She doesn’t use one herself.) “Use it in place of foundation. For a fresh face, go with corrector, concealer, BB cream, and you should be done.”

Bobbi’s on-the-go ritual:
A ponytail, nice earrings, comfortable clothes, shoe selection, concealer, corrector, tinted moisturizer, blush, eyeliner, mascara.

Makeup looks she wishes she’d never see again:
“There are so many things. Dark lip liner and light lips is something I’d be happy not to see. Or people wearing the wrong foundation; foundation that doesn’t look like skin.”

Bobbi Brown fall makeup must have:
Creamy Matte Lip Color. “Our new formula is kind of revolutionary because often, matte lipstick is really dry, and this is like velvet. You can get it from nude colors to red to orange to beige to pink. It’s really modern. It stays on a long time. It’s great for someone on the go, and you can refresh it at the end of the day with gloss if you want to.”

On a new way to get the statement smoky eye:
“Everyone wants to know how to make their eyes stand out. Our mascara is very, very black, so even for people that don’t wear a lot of makeup, go for a very black mascara.” (Love this tip.)

To tie together a made-up eye and a red lip:
“You can do a red lip with the eye if you put a really pretty pink cheek with it.”

In another life:
“I’d probably be a nutritional chef. I think food is the key. Because I think we all love to eat, and we all want to be healthy and pretty and want food to taste good. Your skin is an organ, so what you eat shows.”

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