What’s in DJ Lucy Wrubel’s Bag?

Lucy Wrubel
photography by Matthew Shelley, portrait by StyleSheet

If you’ve been to a party that Lucy Wrubel spun, it was likely a good one. The hot pink-lipped, blonde-streaked, spirited soul is not only a master of music, but a wife (to husband Steve), mom of one (to daughter Stella), and charismatic character, injecting a dose of fun and lots of bright colors into the Dallas social scene.

Lucy Wrubel's bag
Bag from Pachamama in Sayulita, Mexico

1. Jeweled hair clips (“I buy those in handfuls”) and hooked hair ties (“Shane Monden introduced me to them. He transforms me.”)
2. Lucy Wrubel jump drive
3. Essie nail polish in Flirty Fuchsia. “It’s my neutral. I think neon is a neutral.”
4. Prada wallet (“I’ve had it since I lived in Europe in 2000. That’s money well spent.”) and USC card (“It’s where I went to school.”)
5. Photos of Stella

6. Lip stuff from left: NARS lip gloss in Angelika, Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Champagne, Lipstick Queen glossy lip pencil in Crime, Armani lipstick in 505, Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipstick in Fly, and NARS semi matte lipstick in Schiap. “They’re all riffs on the same pink.”
7. iPod. “You never know when someone needs a playlist.”
8. Hello Kitty keys
9. Lapo Elkann sunglasses. “They’re from Rome. I love these. They’re velvet!”
10. Rhodia writing pad. “I’m always taking notes. I like paper a lot. And I have to use a Uniball. I buy them by the boxload.”
11. Louis Vuitton mirror. “I’ve had this for ten years. I use it for every DJ job. It’s always on the table when I’m working.”
12. Five & Ten wooden nickel. “I do all the music for them.”
13. Measuring tape. “I always need it, whether it’s for my setup or for the ranch we’re building.”
14. Sun Bum banana scented sunscreen stick