ShopTalkers, Have You Heard About The Big Read Dallas?

The Big Read DallasFrom the editors of D Magazine:

Have you been Facebooked and mass emailed about North Texas Giving Day over the past week? I’m sure you have, and you’ve probably heard from us at D Magazine. We are working with the Friends of the Dallas Public Library to raise money to buy books for DISD ninth and tenth graders through The Big Read Dallas program. Our goal is to harness the generosity of D friends and families to purchase 18,500 books for a reading program that will be conducted in 2013. Simon & Schuster is giving us a huge discount on Fahrenheit 451, but we have to place our order this fall. Please (please, please) consider a donation. If you give $25 or more, the Communities Foundation of Texas will match a portion of that today only from 7 a.m. to midnight. If you have friends, co-workers, entire companies, or social friends who might want to give books to our DISD kids, send this around. Every $5 buys a book. Five bucks, folks. Let’s do this! Click here. IMPORTANT: in the notes section, write “The Big Read Dallas.”


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