Texas Summer Beauty Challenge: Trying Not To Sweat It

Live through a Texas summer and you know: survival is the goal. But don’t let three-digit temperatures get the best of you. Tune in to our Texas Summer Beauty Challenge series. Intern Kristi McCann is tracking down expert advice to help you get through the summer and look good doing it.

Calling all athletes! I don’t know about you, but the Summer Olympics in London has motivated me to take a few more laps around the track during my workouts. And the more you sweat, the better you feel about yourself, right? But only when you’re training at the gym. That embarrassing sweat you break while completing simple, everyday tasks feels more like a problem. This week, we spoke to Dr. Hania Alaidroos, one of D Magazine’s Best Doctors list for three years running, to get her expert advice on this sticky situation.

If you’re noticing slightly more perspiration than usual, Dr. Alaidroos suggests Secret Clinical Strength as a strong over-the-counter antiperspirant. Using it sparingly will help you obtain the best results, because if too much is applied, it can sometimes cause skin irritation. Secret Clinical Strength can be found at most drugstores, and for about $9, the extra few bucks can be worth the extra strength.

But, if you are genuinely concerned about your excessive sweating as a health issue, Dr. Alaidroos recommends scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician. They can prescribe a product called Drysol that she would suggest using for weddings and other special social gatherings.


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