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How to Prevent Greasy Morning Hair: 6 Tips From Salon Lucien


A reader wrote in with this disturbing dilemma:

“My hair is pretty much always oily except for day 1 after a shampoo. (I live on dry shampoo so I’m not washing every day.) I’d like to be able to wash my hair at night and style it in the morning, but by the time I wake up, my hair is already a little greasy! Is there anything I can do to keep my hair fresh while I’m sleeping? My old college roommate used to hairspray her hairline before bed, but does that really work?” –Lily

I went to the mane masters at Salon Lucien:

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We get asked that question quite a bit from our clients.

1. We recommend a shampoo for oily roots and dry ends such as the Kerastase Cristalliste.
2. Conditioners are going to add to her problems so she needs a detangler, such as Oribe’s Foundation Mist, which is light and weightless.
3. After styling her hair at night, put on top of the head in a loose scrunchy (preferably the old-fashioned kind with fabric on it).  This really helps holding the style and or blow out. It will stop the distribution of oil from directly laying and rolling over the hair at night.
5. The last thing, try distributing a small amount of witch hazel or Sea Breeze throughout the scalp when EXITING the shower.
6. Dry Shampoo is a must, but for her, try one that is not a texturizing spray and a true dry shampoo such as Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair!

P.S. Hair spray has a lot of alcohol and can actually increase her oil production if used in excess.

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