A Few Favorite Things From a Few Favorite Dallas Blogs

One of the absolute most challenging and exhausting parts of my job (other than manning the ShopTalk Pinterest account), is being forced to peruse other local style blogs. Click and scrolling and scrolling and clicking through endless amounts of beautiful things can really wear a girl out. But I’d like to share my fav finds with you.

design by Charlotte Tobin, photography: black and white dress by StyleSheet, Chanel models courtesy of Chanel, Hanh Merriman courtesy of Life in Travel

1. The white cutwork eyelet dress on Dress Rebecca Jean. Lovely.
2. Our own Joslyn Taylor’s fun coin sculptures find on Simple Lovely. Pretty and fun.
3. The gorgeous white dress with black lace appliqué on our StyleSheet blog.
4. and 5. Sea of Shoes spotlight on Chanel’s 2013 resort collection. (Oh yeah, and the Weston printed silk journal in Jane Aldrige’s Mother’s Day post.)
6. The Mother’s Day gift guide on Mimosa Lane. I love the retro sunglasses.
7. Hanh Merriman’s stunning black cape on Life in Travel. I love capes to begin with, and the addition of leather sleeves and sheer fabric send me over the edge.