Guy Stuff: Three Products to Save Your Style

from left: collar stays, spray starch, and garment brush (photography by Billy Surface)
Man candy on StyleSheet

Stylish men are stealing the spotlight over on our fashion blog StyleSheet, so now seems like a good time to tell you about three of our favorite products for preserving guys’ slick style. Along with Kirby Allison’s super hanger for saving suits, D writer Joseph Guinto recommends you pick up the following:

Mother-of-pearl collar stays: Those plastic stays that come with shirts are useless. These have enough heft to hold the collar in place. Plus, you know what kind of man wears mother-of-pearl in a place where it can’t even be seen? A baller. $55

Oxford & Wells spray starch: This spray starch promises not to flake, has no harsh artificial chemicals, and comes in a travel size that’s TSA compliant. So when you travel, you’ll be able to make your shirts stiffer than the drinks at the hotel bar. Three 12-ounce bottles, $15

Kent cashmere garment brush: You spent hundreds of dollars or more on a fine cashmere sweater, so why use a cheap, disposable lint roller? The bristles on this brush are as gentle as baby’s breath, which means they won’t harm your V-neck. $80


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