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Hang Your Hat On This: Cassie MacGregor’s Fall Preview Party

By Raya Ramsey |
the wall of hats in May

House of MacGregor is opening the doors to its newly expanded digs above Bolsa on tomorrow. Step inside the milliner’s lair to catch a peek at the autumn collection, full of new German felts, newsboys, and bow ties. If you love hats, but you’re still on the edge about whether you’re “a hat person,” this the event for you. Maker’s Mark and prosecco tastings will give you the courage to look proudly in the mirror at the fedora atop your pretty head and say, “I look great in this hat.” Plus, fall and winter are the perfect months to experiment with headwear because if you feel silly in a hat, you can always say you’re just wearing it to keep warm. Friday, October 14 from 7 pm to 9 pm.

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