You Didn’t Wear Sunscreen. You’re a Lobster. Now What?

The sun is out to play, so this reader question comes in with perfect timing.

I got sunburned this weekend. Spare the lecture. I’ve already kicked myself for forgetting the sunblock. What do I do with my face NOW? Do I aloe it? Do I moisturize it? Do I exfoliate? Are there any products I should hold off on using until the burn has faded? –Lobster Face

We asked resident expert, Renée Rouleau.
“The goal is to reduce heat and give it time to repair and heal,” she says.
Jump for the cure.

Don't let this happen to you. (Kim Kardashian shows off her burn via her Twitter.)

Apply cool compresses to the skin, a soothing gel-based mask (like Renee Rouleau Azulene Gel Mask) or even a frozen bag of peas. Lowering the temperature will constrict capillaries and lessen visible damage to the skin, as well as making it feel better.

Use a moisturizer with calming ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile, Sea Whip, Japanese Green Tea, or Azulene, but not one that is too heavy or greasy as these can create an occlusive seal that trap heat in the skin keeping the skin red longer. Use something lightweight, breathable and calming. My favorite is Renee Rouleau Stress Recovery Lotion.

Avoid any kind of exfoliation
. Your skin is extremely inflamed so facial scrubs and acids will only increase inflammation. Wait at least a week before using any exfoliating products as at that time, it will help remove surface flakiness caused from the burn.

Avoid using any blemish products as ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, SD Alcohol 40, Tea Tree Oil, Sulphur and Salicylic Acid will all be too irritating to already inflamed skin. Just keep the routine really gentle and avoid any product that stings when applied.

Thanks, Renée!

Ps. The Azulene Gel Mask is the bomb.

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