Easy Manicures Now Come in a Box: Sally Hansen Salon Effects and Broadway Nail Dress

My Sally Hansen Salon Effects manicure on Day 2.

When I saw an ad for Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effects nail stickers, I had to have them. I loved the Minx concept, but not the price tag. For $8.99 you can select a box of nail stickers and apply them at home. I then got a press release from Broadway nails about their new Minx-y stickers, Nail Dress. They’re only $5.49. (See a variety of options after the jump.) I asked for samples of both and tested them all out a few times. Application’s a 10-minute breeze. Clean your nails, place the sticker on, file off the excess, done. Both manicures lasted a long time. The Salon Effects lasted a full 8 days before the wear on the tips and growth at the cuticle drove me crazy. The Nail Dress lasted slightly less time. I had 5 days of good wear, before I noticed a couple corners lifting. Salon Effects is more difficult to remove. Polish remover’s required. (Well, I picked it off for fun.) The Nail Dress versions can be peeled off. I found that Broadway’s metallic versions seem to become sticky on the top, and wear down faster. Steer clear of those and go for the prints. If you love glitter, go right to the Salon Effects glitter collection. Solid colors don’t look as clean after applied. Find Broadway’s and Sally Hansen’s nail stickers at Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart. (They don’t officially get released until March, but apparently, some stores are already carrying them.) Jump for more photos.

Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in “Frock Star,” left, after 8 days. Broadway Nail Dress in “Tabloid,” right. I borrowed this photo from Flickr, but my application looked identical. Looks a lot like Katy Perry’s “Flower Power” Minx, right? Less than a quarter of the price, though!

Salon Effects options on left; a few Nail Dress options on right.


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