Under-$50 Stocking Stuffer: Historical Queens Votive Set

photography by Matthew Shelley

As it turns out, there are a lot of us who are completely captivated by history’s most scandalous lady sovereigns. I thought I was the only one who read every Philippa Gregory book, consumed every Anne Boleyn read, and obsessed over the haunting tale that belongs Marie Antoinette. But, no. There are quite a few of us! (See Exhibit A.) For the historical novel nerds, I introduce the Rock of Ages “God Save the Queen” votives set. These are not hand-crafted, artisan-poured, or French perfumer-scented. Sorry. They are mini, unscented, and labeled with a sticker. BUT! You can burn them, and for dead queen-lovers, this is an awesome gift. $38 at Swoozie’s at the Plaza at Preston Center


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