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ShopTalk Friday Giveaway: Really Fun Event Tickets

By Raya Ramsey |

So here’s the deal. We’re giving away tickets to a really great, swanky Dallas event on October 30. The event, Escapade, is an annual bash put on by The Family Place. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a nonprofit can’t throw a ragin’ party. This event, complete with costumes, delish dinner by Marc DePetris, and free flowing cocktails (like themed drinks, beer, and wine), costs a minimum of $250 per person to attend. With tunes spun by DJ OBJen & Juice, a live show by the band Limelight, live comedy performances, and public judgement cast upon those with the cleverest of costumes, Escapade 2010 promises a great Halloween Eve for all. Plus, though you’ll be going for free if you win, 100 percent of the proceeds from the night goes to The Family Place. We’re giving away two sets of tickets. Enter to win here. (But first, make sure you’re free on Oct. 30.)