Look What I Found: Louboutin Handbag at Clothes Circuit

Ignore the pink tinge in the photo. It’s not the bag – it’s just one of the hazards of iPhone photography. In reality it is a gorgeously perfect cream-colored leather with Louboutin’s signature red lining the inside. The tag says there’s a small spot near the zipper but I didn’t even notice it. (I may have just been too mesmerized by how good it looked on me though.) Clothes Circuit is selling it for $1,225 which might sound like a lot but when you consider that it was probably double that originally, it’s a pretty sweet deal. I’ve found consignment stores to to be great places to find stylish designer handbags at a portion of the retail cost. They’re usually on-trend, in great condition, and often look as if they’ve never been used. And some really haven’t been. That was probably the case with this one. It had an imperfection and most likely couldn’t be sold in a “real” store so it ended up at Clothes Circuit. Good for them! And good for us!


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