How I Misjudged Erin Wasson


I was tired. I didn’t want to take off my Chicago Bears t-shirt. The sun wasn’t out, so why bother. And I just received a deceivingly scary phone call from my doctor about blood work. The nurse left me hanging. My brain scattered. My heart racing. My hands shaking. What was the news!? Turns out I tested slightly anemic…WHAT!? That’s all, anemic? Couldn’t the nurse have said that ten minutes sooner! Shit!

Post-anxiety attack euphoria…I decided to throw on my boyfriend blazer and skinnies and head for V.O.D. with Scot. Halfway there, the sun peeked from behind the clouds. I was expecting your sort-of typical fashion obsessed, die-hard Neimans’ crowd. As we approached V.O.D., there was a bar with surprisingly interesting cocktails and a refreshingly artistic and unusually low key crowd. We stepped into the boutique only to find a soirée of Isabel Marant, beautiful hats, and Erin’s Low Luv jewelry. And then, Erin Wasson, standing five feet from me in the setting sunlight. She was a vision. All natural and her style so effortlessly chic. And she instantly mouthed a sweet “hi” to me…but her jewelry, I was here to see her jewelry! Still skeptical. I turned to observe the assortment of jewelry displayed across the table among bohemian flower arrangements and planted cacti. There were many Native American references and shapes that resembled tattoos. I found myself trying everything on and it just felt right. Not like when you try on gems at Chanel or ethnic jewelry that you end up wearing once, if that. There were gorgeous cuffs and large vintage-like rings. Not too young or too hip, but just right! And affordiably priced. I can’t wait to go back and buy one of everything!

And Erin, she is just super cool! And her smile…added a little joy to my otherwise humdrum day.

❤ from Texas,



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