Stocking Stuffers & Gifts Under $50: Day 10

oopsOk, so this won’t necessarily fit in a stocking but regardless, it’s a great gift for the women in your life (and it’s offered at a special discount for ShopTalk readers –  details below). The Survival Kit ($24.99) comes with a Miss Oops Rescue Sponge, a travel size lint roller, a 1 oz. Pedicure in a Bottle and Mishap Tape. Your friends will silently thank you when they notice big, white deoderant marks on their dress as they walk into the office, when the cat decides to nuzzle up against their suede boots, or when a shirt falls off their shoulder exposing the bra strap of their old, ruddy bra (the only one that was clean that day). There are millions of ways this kit will come in handy throughout the year. If you’ve got an “issue” Miss Oops has you covered not only with the Survival Kit but with all kinds of inventive goodies like nipple covers (Show Stoppers), butt crack covers (JAKS), cleavage covers (Boob Tube) and more. And the best news of all? Place your order today through January 10 and get an exclusive ShopTalk discount of 15%  off your entire order! Enter code: DSHOPTALK at check out. Use it now for gifts for others and after the holidays for a gift for yourself!


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